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(Hindi) The Easiest Way to Master Basic Mathematics: NEET


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28 reviews

Amrit Lal

In this course I have discussed about basic mathematics, starting with very basic concepts to higher level. With lots of practice problems and real life examples so that you can master it in simplest way.



28 reviews

zeba parween

reviewed on Mar 9, 2019

Thanks a lot sir, today i cleared all my basics , this was the main thing which was a big hindrance for my calculations, u made physics easier for me. Thanks a lot

Apoorva Singh

reviewed on Feb 3, 2019

the way u motivate I really inspired frm u. U r just rocking sir thanks for helping . Chemistry ke liye bhi bta dete kuch yaa 😊 Thanks sir and I like ur last quote ☺️

pc chaudhary

reviewed on Feb 28, 2019

I find this course extremely helpful sir . Thank you so much sir . You're the best 😄👌

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