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Dice (in Hindi)
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Method by which we can easily tackle the questions related to Dice which generally come in exam ( method by which we can find opposite of any face in dice)

Deepika choubey
my self Deepika Choubey passed tenth and twelth with good percentage ,now I am under graduate student, doing BSc (PCM) ,and the day when I h

Unacademy user
sir kya gas ki entropy hamesha +ve hotii hai ? and Sir plzz do tell something about entropy in chemical rxn's since becoz in every rxn when ever there are chances of forming gas it gets released out easily.... even gas gets released out spontaneously on its own... suppose if I see any mechanism of rxn's and if that rxn have chances of releasing any type of gas or H2O molecule then suddenly it gets released out I have seen this in many mechanism why this happens with gas in water molecule?