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Devices of Parliamentary Proceedings - IV
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This lesson discusses point of order, resolutions, special mention and short duration discussion.

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  4. Point of Order o A member can raise a point of order when the proceedings of the House do not tollows the normal rules of procedure o A point of order should relate to the interpretation or enforcement of the Rules of the House or such articles of the Constitution that regulate the business of the House and should raise a question that is uwithin the cognizance of the Speaker. o It is usually raised by an opposition member in order to control Ehe government. It is an extraordinary device as ib suspends the proceedings before the House. No debate is allowed on a point of order

  5. Half-an-Hour Discussion o It is meant for discussing a matter of sufficient public importance, which has been subjected to a Lot of debate'and the answer to which needs elucidation on a matter of fact. o The Speaker can allot three days in a week for such discussions. There is no formal motion or voting before the House.

  6. Short Duration Discussion It is also known as tuwo-hour discussion as the time allotted for such a discussion should not exceed tuo hours. The members of the Parliament can raise such discussions on a matter of urgent public importance. o The Speaker can allot two days in a week for such discussions. There is neither a formal motion before the house nor voting. This device has been in existence since 1953,

  7. Special Mention o A matter which is not a point of order or shich cannol be raised during question hour, halt-an hour discussion, short duration discussion or under adjournment motion, calling attention notice or under any rule of the House can be raised under the special mention in the Rajya Sabha, o Its equivalent procedural device in the Lok Sabha is known as Notice (Mention) Under Rule 377'

  8. Resolutions The members can move resolutions to draw the attention of the House or the government to matters of general public interest. The discussion on a resolution is strictly relevant to and within the scope of the resolution. A member who has moved a resolution or amendment to a resolution cannot withdraus the same except by leave of the House.

  9. o Resolutions are classified into three categories: 1, Private Member's Resolution: It is one that is moved by a private member (other than a minister). It is discussed only on alternate Fridays and in the afternoon sitting.

  10. o 2. Government Resolution: It is one that is moved by a minister. It can be taken up any day from Monday to Thursday o 3. Statutory Resolution: It can be moved either by a rivabe member or a minister. It is so called because it is always tabled in pursuance of a provision in the Constitution or an Act of Parliament.

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