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Budget in Parliament - IV
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this course discusses topics about indian polity

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Nandini Maharaj
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  4. Other Grants In addition. to the budget that contains the ordinary estimates of income and expenditure for one financial year, various other grants are made by the Parliament under extraordinary or special circumstances: o Supplementary Grant o It is granted when the amount authorised by the Parliament through the appropriation act for a particular service for the current financial year is found to be insufficient for that year.

  5. Additional Grant o It is qranted when a need has arisen during the current financial year for additional expenditure upon some news service not contempleted in the budget for that year.

  6. o Excess Grant o It is granted when money has been spent on any service during a financial year in excess of the amount granted for that service in the budget for that year o It is voted by the Lok Sabha after the financial year. Before the demands for excess grants are submitted to the Lok Sabha for voting, they must be approved by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.

  7. o Vote of Credit o It is granted for meeting an unexpected demand upon the resources of India, when on account of the magnitude or the indefinite character of the service, the demand cannot be stated with the details ordinarily given in a budget. Hence, it is like a blank che9ue given to the Executive by the Lok Sabha.

  8. Other Grants o Exceptional Grant o it is granted for a special purpose and forms no part of the current service of any financial year.

  9. o Token Grant o It is granted wwhen funds to meet the proposed expenditure on a news service can be made available by re appropriation A demand for the grant of a token sum (of Re 1) is submitted to the vote of the Lok Sabha and if assented, funds are made available. Re appropriation involves transfer of funds from one head to another. o It does not involve any additional expenditure. Supplementary, additional, excess and 'exceptional grants and vote of credit are regulated by the same procedure which is applicable in the case of a regular budget.

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