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Definition and classification of asymptotes (in Hindi)
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Definition and classification

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Nitish Kumar
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work done by spring force a)always positive b) always negative c)it always zero d)may be positive or negative correct option is d sir, but work done by a spring i.e. we have to consider restoring force which is negative so, sir ac to me ans should be option B
Udit Gupta
10 months ago
Supposedly, you extend the spring and elongate it. The force by spring is in the opposite direction to you but the displacement is in the direction of the force applied by you. This means that work doneby spring is negative here. Now lets say that you have extended this spring by 1cm. And now are applying just about the same force as that of the spring (maybe just a bit less, such that the spring slowly starts to move towards its initial position or equilibrium position). Now, the spring force and displacement are in the same direction. So, now the work done is positive.