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Day 2 - MCQ Series for Commerce(in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
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please send me whatsapp link
Binati Sheth
a year ago
You can make a link request to the Unacademy support team. :)
Thanks Sir, Very important MCQ discussed in this lesson. My Net is coming.
Thanks Sir, very important MCQ discussed in this lesson. My Net is coming.
sir ek doubt hai ,apne es video mai average product ka answer variable input vala btaya and next video mai marginal product vala so right konsa likhn Hi.please reply
sir plzz question ko English ke sath sath hindi me bhi discuss kijiye
sir ji aapki special classes kb aati h unacademy p pls btaye

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  3. DAY 2

  4. 1. The MP, AP and TP curves encountered by the firnm producing in the short run exhibit all of the following relationships except: a)When TP is rising, AP and MP may be either rising or falling. . b)When MP is negative, TP and AP are falling c)When AP is at a maximum, MP equals AP, and TP is rising . d)When MP is at a maximum, AP equals MP, and TP is rising

  5. 2. To economists, the main difference between the short run and long run is that: a)In the short run all inputs are fixed, while in the long run all inputs are variable b)In the short run the firm varies all of its inputs to find the least-cost combination of inputs c)In the short run, at least one of the firm's input levels is fixed d)In the long run, the firm is making a constrained decision about how to use existing plant and equipment efficiently. *

  6. 3. Which of the following is the best definition of . a)The relationship between market price and . b)The relationship between the firm's total revenue "production function"? quantity supplied and the cost of production c)The relationship between the quantities of inputs needed to produce a given level of output. . d)The relationship between the quantity of inputs and the firm's marginal cost of production

  7. 4. The "law of diminishing returns" applies to: . a)The short run, but not the long run . b)The long run, nut not the short run c)Both the short run and the long run d)Neither the short run nor the long run

  8. .5. Diminishing returns occur: a)When units of a variable input are added to a fixed input and TP falls b)When units of a variable input are added to a fixed input and MP falls c)When the size of the plant is increased in the long run . d)When the quantity of the fixed input is increased and returns to the variable input falls

  9. . 6 . Which of the following statements is true? . a)The services of a doctor are considered production b)Man can create matter c)The services of a housewife are considered production . d)When a man creates a table, he creates matter

  10. 7. Which of the following is a function of an entrepreneur? . a)lnitiating a business enterprise . b)Risk bearing c)lnnovating . d)All of the above

  11. 9. Average product is defined as: a)Total product divided by the total cost b)Total product divided by marginal producit ' c)Total product divided by the variable input d)Marginal product divided by the variable input