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Day 1 - MCQ Series for Commerce(in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
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why you are ticking each option , tick only the answer, sir you are confusing students alot.
sir other than answer, you are explaining options alot, please focus more on answers
sir plz hindi me bhi karya kare I am hindi medium..
Mohit Gondane
2 months ago
han yr ham hindi medium walo ke liye hindi notes me shi rhega
Thanks Sir, My Net is coming
sir ap is course me aur lessons add kijiye na apne 80days ka kaha tha

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  3. DAY 1

  4. . 1. Which of the following is considered production in Economics? . a)Tilling of soil * b)Singing a song before friends c)Preventing a child from falling into a . manhole on the road d)Painting a picture for pleasure

  5. . 2. Identify the correct statement: a)The average product is at its maximum when marginal product is equal to average product . b)The law of increasing returns to scale relates to the effect of changes in factor proportions c)Economies of scale arise only because of indivisibilities of factor proportions d)lnternal economies of scale can accrue only to the exporting sector.

  6. 3. Which of the following is not a characteristic of land? . a)lts supply for the economy is limited . b)lt is immobile c)lts usefulness depends on human efforts d)lt is produced by our forefathers

  7. 4. Which of the following statements is true? . a)Accumulation of capital depends solely on income . b)Savings can also be affected by the State c)External economies go with size and internal economies with location . d)The supply curve of labor is an upward sloping curve

  8. . 5. In the production of wheat, all of the following are variable factors that are used by the farmer except: . a)The seed and fertilizer used when the crop is planted b)The field that has been cleared of trees and in which the crop is planted c)The tractor used by the farmer in planting and cultivating not only wheat but also corn and barley . d)The no. of hours that the farmer spends irn cultivating the wheat fields

  9. 6. The MP of a variable input is best described as: . a)TP divided by the no. of units of variable input b)The additional output resulting from a one unit increase in the variable input c)The additional output resulting from a one unit increase in both the variable and fixed inputs. d)The ratio of the amount of the variable input that is being used to the amount of the fixed input that is being used.

  10. . 7. Diminishing marginal returns implies: . a)Decreasing average variable costs b)Decreasing marginal costs . c)Increasing marginal costs . d)Decreasing average fixed costs

  11. 9. Which of the following statements is correct? . a)Supply of land is perfectly elastic . b)Fertility of land cannot change c)Land does not yield any result unless human efforts are employed d)Supply of land can be increased