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Day 11 : Word Power - 4 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we'll learn 5 new words with tips and tricks.

Praveen Bharti is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Praveen Bharti
Verified & Plus Educator, English & History , English Faculty Vkd Classes , Refferal code Praveenbharti92 ,Gradeup guru

Unacademy user
ma'am can you please make a similar course for Indian Express
ThnkYou Sir.. for Lecture :-)
Sir infinitive kb tk krwa one???
Praveen Bharti
2 years ago
Sure, Infinitive course Will be live within 2 days.
  1. WORD POWER-4 Presented by Praveen Bharti

  2. About Me Educator at unacademy since April,2017 I am UPSC CSE aspirant. Intermediate (PCM) B. A(English) M. A (History) B, Ed (English) I have 3 years teaching experience to teach competitive mathematics as well as English. Like to teach, study and spread knowledge. Unacademy. Com/Praveenbharti92

  3. SABBA&TICAL -16 Meaning- A period of paid leave granted to a university teacher or other worker for study or travel Synonyms - break, rest, recess ,period of leave Usage - she's on sabbatical for six months

  4. English Hindi ENGLISH sabbatical sa'batikal DHIND vishraam

  5. sabbatical sabbatical sabbatical sabbatical

  6. EXTRADITE 17 Meaning - hand over Synonyms - Deport ,handover ,send back, repatriate , expel, banish. Antonyms - hold ,keep Usage - Mallya will be extradited from the U.K to India

  7. ENGLISH extradite ekstre dit 7% DHINDI aparaadhee dena

  8. ALTERNATE TRANSLATIONS verb 3TRTeft extradite Extradite DEFINITIONS verb hand over (a person accused or convicted of a crime) to the jurisdiction of the foreign state in which the crime was committed "Greece refused to extradite him to Italy" synonyms: deport, send, ship, deliver, hand over, repatriate

  9. DEROGATORY-18 Meaning - Showing a critical or disrespectful attitude Synonyms - insulting ,disdainful detractive .denigratory,pejorative ,disparaging Antonyms - appreciable , honouring ,complimentary

  10. ENGLISH derogatory dir ga t re HINDI apamaanajanak

  11. HUSH -19 Meaning - Make someone be quit or stop taking Synonyms - Quit ,silence ,shut up ,calm ,mollify ,pacify ,peace ,serenity Usage -The woman in the seat behind me was trying to hush her baby