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Daily Vocabulary Capsule 1 (01.01.2019) (in Hindi)
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This lesson teaches you many new and interesting words from daily editorials hence polishing your vocabulary

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

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Lucid explenetion, thanks
I am not longer on Unacademy. For my more lectures and videos subscribe my YouTube channel A.S.K.Azad Mechanical Engineering
Er Samar
2 years ago
Can you add me on your what app that I want ask question easily my what app number is 9719898215
Er Samar
2 years ago
Please ,I very thankful to you
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Badal mishra
a year ago
thnks sir
Badal mishra
a year ago
for your lecture
Most welcome. Please also subscribe my YouTube channel for further lecturers.
thanks sir..these types important lessons.these are really helpful to me for improving vocab..i am very giddy sir because i have educator like you..
sir can VIP also be the synonym of protagonist
Sidhant Sharma
9 months ago
Thanku so much sir.. for this stupendous course
sir antagonist ka meaning
quality of vocab is Very well 👍
  1. DAILY VOCABULARY CAPSULES A course teaching you new words everyday eventually developing your vocabulary level, Presented by SIDHANT SHARMA


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  4. Persecution (noun): (Hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs) Synonyms: lll-treatment, Infliction, Oppression, Torture Antonyms: Happiness, Help, Joy, Succour Example: Many people flee their countries to escape persecution. Verb forms: Persecute, Persecuted, Persecuted

  5. Odium (noun): (General or widespread hatred or disgust incurred by someone as a result of their actions.) Synonyms: Disgust, Abhorrence, Repugnance, Revulsion, Repulsion, Loathing, Detestation, Hatred Antonyms: Affection, Love, Regard Example: After getting out of prison, the child molester still had to deal with odium from his neighbors.

  6. Forswear (verb): (Agree to give up or do without.) Synonyms: Renounce, Swear Off, Forgo, Abjure, Reject, Relinquish, Abstain From. Antonyms: Accept, Approve. Example: As part of his New Year's resolution, my father decided to forswear alcohol. *Verb forms: Forswear, Forswore, Forsworn

  7. Vacillating (adjective): (Wavering between different opinions or actions.) Synonyms: Undecided, Unsure, Indecisive, Tentative, Irresolute, Ambivalent, Hesitant. Antonyms: Certain, Confident, Decisive, Definite. Example: If you vacillate between two positions, there is no way you will win the debate.

  8. Protagonist (noun): An advocate of a particular cause or idea./ the leading character of something that is considered as important. Synonyms: Exponent, Advocate, Lead, Hero, Mainstay Antonyms: Antagonist, Adversary, Opponent Example: In every movie, a protagonist usually has an antagonist opposing his goals.

  9. Esse (noun): (Essential nature or essence Synonyms: Kernel, Marrow, Quintessence, Core, Centrality. Antonyms: Exterior, Outside. Example: The essence of exceptional customer service is the desire to exceed customer expectations.

  10. Evangelical (adjective): (Lit- a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching. / Fig-zealous in advocating or supporting a particular cause.) Synonyms: Fervent, Ardent, Fanatic, Zealous (Of A Cause) Antonyms: Stoic, Indifferent. Example: She was evangelical about acting, so she left her studies.

  11. Acquiescence (noun): (The reluctant acceptance of something without protest) Synonyms: Acceptance, Assent, Conformity, Submissiveness Antonyms: Dissent, Nonconformity, Refusal, Denial Example: Right now, John's parents do not want him to enroll in an art school, but he believes they will acquiesce in time.

  12. Nonchalantly (adverb): (In a casually calm and relaxed manner.) Synonyms: Casually, Indifferently, Coolly Nervouslessly. Antonyms: Affectedly, Fiercely, Turbulently. Example: In times of crisis, police officers must appear nonchalant while helping upset citizens.

  13. Duck soup (noun): (An easy task, or someone easy to overcome.) Synonyms: Cake Walk, Easy Task, Kid Stuff, Turkey Shoot. Antonyms: Difficult Task. Example: He has been playing guitar for 20 years A birthday tune would be a duck soup for him

  14. Climacteric (adjective): (Having extreme and far-reaching implications or results; critical.) Synonyms: Critical, Defining, Crucial, Decisive, Significant. Antonyms: Unimportant, Insignificant. Example: In climacteric situations, Most of the times Dhoni finished the matches in a superb ways.

  15. Ameliorate (verb): (Make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better. Synonyms: Improve, Amend, Better, Enhance, Refine, Upgrade Antonyms: Worsen, Damage, Harm, Impair, Injure, Spoil, Tarnish, Vitiate Example: One can ameliorate your singing by taking a few vocal lessons.

  16. Lucrative (adjective): Producing a surplus/ something that seems profitable. Synonyms: Advantageous, Gainful, Paying, Profitable, Remunerative Antonyms: Unprofitable, Poorly-paid. Example: The arrival of the manufacturing plant will create lucrative jobs for many people in the community.

  17. Arable (adjective): ((Of land) used or suitable for growing crops/adequate for cultivating) Synonyms: Farmable, Cultivatable, Tillable, Fertile, Productive. Antonyms: Infertile, Sterile Example: In a natural desert, there is no arable earth for farming

  18. Bring up to code (idiom): (Raise (something) to a higher standard) Synonyms: Improve, Better, Make Better, Ameliorate, Reform, Enhance. Antonyms: Deteriorate, Degenerate, Decay, Atrophy, Degrade. Example: The speed of technological change is so great in some jobs now that employees are obliged to continually study, and Bring themselves up to codee in their skills.

  19. Renege (verb): Go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract. Synonyms: Withdraw from, Retreat from, Welsh on, Backtrack, Go back on Antonyms: Go front. Example: I went to another car dealer after the salesman tried to renege on the low price he initially offered me.

  20. High-handed (adjective) - (Using power or authority without considering the feelings of others.) Synonyms: Imperious, Overbearing, Pushful, Domineering. Antonyms: Lenient, Liberal. Example: A high-handed king rules his realm with an iron fist, never allowing his citizens to have any freedom

  21. Sleaze (noun): (Immoral, sordid, and corrupt behavior or activities.) Synonyms: Corruption, Immorality, Wickedness, Unscrupulousness. Antonyms: Morality, Purity, Cleanliness. Example: Lawyers, salesmen, and politicians are often considered sleaze just based on their professions

  22. Hound (verb): (Harass, persecute, or pursue relentlessly.) Synonyms: Harass, Persecute, Harry, Pester, Trouble, Badger, Torment Antonyms: Delight, Make Happy, Please, Protect, Comfort Example: The gang members have been known to hound people who threaten to report them to the police.

  23. Cut throat (adjective): ((Fig-of a competitive situation or activity) fierce and intense; involving the use of ruthless measures.) Synonyms: Fierce, Ruthless, Ferocious, Pitiless, Remorseless. Antonyms: Sympathetic, Merciful. Example: A war is generally attributed by cut- throat emotions.

  24. Obsolescence (noun): (The process of becoming obsolete or outdated and no longer used.) Synonyms: Extinction, Outdating, End of life, Thing of the past. Antonyms: Living, Being Extant. Example: Once cell phones became equipped with visual tools, regular cameras became an obsolescence in the technological industry.

  25. Charade (noun): An absurd pretence intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance. Synonyms: Farce, Iravesty, Pretence, Masquerade, Sham Antonyms: Honesty, Reality, Truth Example: Her friends put on a convincing charade to keep her away from knowing about the surprise party.

  26. Vicinage (noun): (The area near or surrounding a particular place./ proximity in space or relationship.) Synonyms: Nearness, Closeness, Proximity, Propinquity, Adjacency, Juxtaposition Antonyms: Faraway, Distant. Example: In the vicinity of the police station, the crime rate is very low.

  27. Furore (noun): (An outbreak of public anger or excitement.) Synonyms: Ado, Bobbery, Commotion, Hysteria, Outburst. Antonyms: Calm, Peace, Harmony. Example: losing a match in 1996 Semifinal of ICC world cup, created a furore in the stadium

  28. Subsistence (noun): (The action or fact of maintaining or supporting oneself/ something (food, water, money, etc.) that is required to stay alive) Synonyms: Upkeep, Sustenance, Maintenance, Provender. Antonyms: Debt, Poverty. Example: The church was accepting donations of food and clothing for community members in need of subsistence

  29. Vociterous (adjective): (Expressing or characterized by vehement opinions) / expressed in a very loud or forceful way. Synonyms: Vehement, Outspoken, Full-Throated, Clamant. Antonyms: Low, Quiet, Silent, Soft. Example: Of all the groups present at the school board meeting, the parents were the most vociferous about their opinions of the new school policies.

  30. Preponderate influence, or importance.) Synonyms: Dictate, Domineer, Monopolize, Overshadow, Prevail Over, Rule The Roost. Antonyms: Surrender, Fall Behind Example: The restaurant ran out of food because it was not prepared for such a preponderance of customers on opening day. (verb): (Be greater in number,