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This lesson brings to you an overview of the topics that are covered in the course.

Prajwal Rao
Engineer. Generalist. Multilingual. Minimalist. Educator here, with a belief in constant learning and sharing knowledge.

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Its a great learning experience going through this course.In all aspects this is an outstanding presentation from your end Dear Prajwal. You are one of the best educators on this great platform.It would be more fruitful if educators like you reach maximum number of aspirants. .To make yourself familiar, I strongly urge you to make a course on modern Indian history or Polity or anything else which most of the aspirants generally go through . Subsequently your courses on any subject will reach huge number of aspirants. Thanks a lot for such an awesome course Dear Learned Man.
Prajwal Rao
2 years ago
Appreciate your valuable feedback. I'm humbled. Please stay tuned. And you're welcome.
thanks sir is so much helpful to us..... thank you so much
Prajwal Rao
3 years ago
You're welcome.
awesome sir,very helpfull
Prajwal Rao
3 years ago
You're welcome.
  1. Science NCERT Class 7 -Prajwal Rao

  2. About me Praiwal Rao B.E. in Civil Engineering JAIN UNIVERSITY, Bengaluru Entrepreneur Construction Business, Content writer and Emcee UPSC/IES Aspirant Interests: Current affairs, Engineering Science & Technology, psychology and spirituality Learning is constant. Sharing Knowledge. https//

  3. Target Audience Competitive exams aspirants of UPSC/State exams etc., School students follow NCERT text book. General audience who wish to know about the topic.

  4. Objectives summary of relevant topics from NCERT Class 7 Science. Introduce yourself basic concepts of Science. To form a pre-requisite to advanced levels of topics Acquaint yourself with interesting facts of science. Learn, if not already, re-learn.

  5. Lessons 1. Plants: Nutrition, Respiration, Substance transportation, Reproduction. 2. Animal Nutrition, Fibre to Fabric 3. Animal substance transportation, Respiration in organisms. 4. Heat 5. Acids, Bases and Salts 6. Physical and chemical changes 7. Weather and climate 8. Winds, storms and cyclones . Soil and forests 9. 10. Water and waste water 11. light 12. Electric current 13. Motion and time

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