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Course Overview

Jagat Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jagat Chaudhary
Cofounder of Aspiration School 🏫 Qualified IIT-JEE,IIT-JAM. Expert faculty for IIT-JEE Mathematics Courses. Studied in IIT Bhubaneswar.

Unacademy user
nice explanation sir. plz tell me why flourine from CF3 is not substituted by bronic acid, although sp3 hybridized...
you have excellent teaching skills
Jagat Chaudhary
a year ago
Thankyou , IDARKWEB. And there are many other courses , keep learning and for any help or doubt or question, feel free to ask me
Good job sir, again very good video.
Jagat Chaudhary
a year ago
Thankyou shankit, and keep watching , keep learning :)
  1. M.Sc. Ph.D. (Mathematics) IIT-BHUBANESWAR I IT-JAM AIR-213 Teaching experience for IIT-JEE 5+years JAGAT CHAUDHARY Follow me on UNACADEMY Rate Review RateviwRecommend

  2. Objective of Course Provide Online Education to Students preparing for JEE examination Course including CONCEPTS, ILLUSTRATIONS Objective and Subjective solved Examples. OExercise for each topic to help the students grasp the fundamental concepts properly.

  3. TARGET AUDIENCE For students of Classes XI and XII. IIT JEE Exams Any competitive exam for Engineering Defence exams Graduation/Post graduation

  4. Limits Topics Covered & Indeterminate forms * Existance of limits ** Evaluation of limits by factorization, rationalization, special functions, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic functions * V' hospitals rule for evaluation of limits in 0/0 form ** Evaluation of all 7 types of limits Problems asked in IIT-JEE in previous years