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Limits - IIT JEE


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8 reviews

Jagat Chaudhary

In this course we will discuss the following indeterminate forms evaluation of limits l hospitals rule some special functions limit as infinite series



8 reviews

Parshotam Kumar

reviewed on Feb 22, 2019

sir I understand this topic much better. I have many doubts and confusion related with this topic. now my all confusion s and doubts are cleared

saurabh sharma

reviewed on Jan 1, 2019

Thank you soooooo much sir I used to think that i can't solve jee questions before completing whole 11th and 12th syllabus but now i can solve jee questions after each topic THANK YOU SIR

Bhawana Shende

reviewed on Dec 7, 2018

This course was really helpful and also the teaching methodology was good. But the only thing which didn't satisfy me was that the solution to some problems was not given and also the lessons are not arranged in proper sequence. Overall, it was nice experience.

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