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Subhodeep Das
Dream of Achieving Big l YouTube & Facebook : Subhodeep

Unacademy user
thanks mam ,please slowdown some speed this chapter was on supersonic speed
are you going to add another geography optional courses?
Subhodeep Das
2 years ago
sure. :)
Kuch to hai
2 years ago
roughly when are you going to start it?
  1. Course Overview

  2. Subhodeep Das B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering VIT University Vellore unra Subhodeep Das B Tech Mechanical, CSE Aspirant, Love Teaching, playing chess Follow Unacademy link: Dubjodeep

  3. World Straits Targeted Students: UPSC/IAS State PCS By Subhodeep Das

  4. Why This Course? Q. The International Date line passes through which of the following Strait ? A. Bering strait. B, Gibraltar strait. C. Florida strait. D. Malacca strait. Dubjodeep

  5. What is Strait? A strait is a naturally formed passage Narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water. It is a channel of water that lies between two land masses. Used for international navigation through the territorial sea between one part of the high seas

  6. It has great commercial and Strategic Importance Seaborne trade for commercial shipping II. Vital oil producing region. III. Play vital role in geo-politics

  7. Thank You ! Enroll 58 My Other Courses Did you find this course helpful? Continue Spectrum History National Parks of India (in 3D) Economic Survey Rate> Write your review here Review > Share on Facebook Recommend oluntary Contribution Contribute Also... Don't forget to see other Courses by me in Unacademy Platform! oubiodeep