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Akash Agrawal
IRS ( IT ) | Guinness Book of World Records in Solving Rubiks' Cube | IIT Bombay Alumnus .

Unacademy user
Sir I didn't understood how pressure came into analysis picture when there were no pressure measurement taken into consideration???...
Can you elaborate your question Sachin??
Sachin Pauriyal
a month ago
Sir in the dervation... we were taking forces acting on the strip in the forging analysis ..but at last you said this equation is the total pressure acting on the strip undergoing forging.....sir I have no clue from where this pressure came ??
Akash Agrawal
a year ago
solve all the questions, please write down your scores , Also do check out the course " Top 250 expected MCQs by IITian " you will find it useful .