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In this lesson we will discuss about the syllabus of the differential equation and also understand the strategy to cover this subject for the upcoming GATE examination.

Sanjay Yadav
|| Faculty of GATE || Qualified GATE 2014/2015/2016 || Alumni of IIEST SHIBPUR || || Passion for Teaching ||

Unacademy user
sir i am working professional and i am daily following your the Hindu news and well as editorial.please let me know is it enough to watch your videos or i also need to go through the Hindu also tell how to make note of your videos,do i need to make separate copies of every topic like polity,economics,history etc .....please guide me .i would be highly thankful to you.Thank you sir
Alongbar Narzary
2 years ago
sir, as per their suggestions you have to go through this articles in details. these videos just are just to give and idea of important topics that are likely to be asked in prelims and mains.
  1. GATE Complete Course on Differential Equation

  2. Hello! I am Sanjay Yadav M.Tech. Communication and Signal processing Engineering (IIEST SHIBPUR) Qualified GATE -2014/2015/2016 Published IEEE International Conf. Paper SPCOM 2016 (IISc Bangalore) Follow me

  3. Differential Equation OSyllabus Higher Order Differential Equation & Linear Differential Equation * Determination of Complementary Function Particular Integral Homogenous Linear Differential Equation Euler Equation

  4. Differential Equation Syllabus : Initial and Boundary Value Problems Initial Value Problems & Boundary - Value Problems

  5. Differential Equation OSyllabus Partial Differential Equation * Partial Derivatives of First Order & Higher Order Homogenous Function Euler's Theorem * Composite Functions Errors and Approximations

  6. TARGET AUDIENCE 1. GATE Aspirants 2. Preparing for PSU 3. Preparing for ESE 4. Interest to learn Engineering Mathematics

  7. Importance of Engineering Mathematics Engineering Mathematics consist average of 14-15 marks in GATE

  8. Google SearchXYSanjay Yadav- Unacademy unacademy Home 0 minutes today Sanjay Explore Plus Q Search Coures and Eduoato Sanjay Yadav Edit Profile l Faculty of GATE Il Qualified GATE 2014/2015/2016 1l Alumni of EST SHIBPUR I Passion for Teaching 5.970 53,896 Lifetime Views Viewsinlast 20 days 27 Courses klowers Folewing Complete Course onComplete Course on Complete Course on Engineering Mathematics GATE 2020-Part -11 Numerical Method IVector Numerical Method GATE 2020 Bisection Method| Newton Raphson) Calculus GATE 2020 I Limit, Continuity & Calculus ex Algebra Gauss Elimina oidal and ay Sanjay Yadav By Sanjay Yadav By Sanjay Yadav Part 2: Complete Course on Engineering Mathematics GATE (Hindi) A Complete Course on Numerical Method (Hindi) A Complete Course on Calculus: GATE

  9. THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at

  10. Engineering Mathematics O Weightage: 14-15 Marks Marks Distribution Completed "Linear Algebra Differential Equation Numerical Method Calculus D Complex VariableProbablity and Statistics Tranformed Theory