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Course Overview: The Revolt of 1857 (in Hindi)
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This is the overview of course "The Revolt of 1857"

Lokendra Mishra
MechanicalEngineer, Poet, Blogger Writer,Youtuber,Passionate about teaching . ज़िन्दगी जैसे एक रस्ता है मुझको चलना है चलते जाना है।

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aapki you tube site education prep per nov dec jan ke mcq upload kijiye thnks
Thanks sirji
  1. Lokendra Mani Mishra B.Tech (2018) Mechanical Engineering Teaching experience: 3 years subjects,- history .polity, geography, EVS, maths, Resoning, Hindi, English and Mechanical Engineering

  2. The Revolt of 1857 by- Lokendra mishra

  3. Course overview oIn this course we will dtudy about THE REVOLT OF 1857 Topics covered will be 1.introduction .2.causes of Revolt .2(A) political cause .2(B) economic cause 2(C) social cause e2(D) religious cause

  4. s2(E) military cause .2(F) immediate cause 3 spread of Revolt .4. centres of Revolt 5 causes of Failure 6 Advantages -7 changes after Revolt 8 Nature of Revolt

  5. objective To understand the basic concepts regarding the Revolt of 1857 To understand the causes and effect. To go through the reasons of failure.

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