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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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This is the overview of the course. In this lesson, we will get to know what all topics will be covered and also brief introduction about the topic is given in this lesson.

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Awdhesh Singh
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Thank you for your support and guidance. I have a question for your regarding this course overview...Please explain us "What is Availability heuristic"?
I am watching your vedio sir.... I also want to become a ias officer... but frist I like to become a good human being.....yours lecture are good & awesome....... I am learning to live. ....thank u sir
Very nice and fluid explanation.... Thank you very much for creating this course....
Thanks a lot sir for this important course.
Bahut Bahut Dhanyawaad SIR! Is course se bahut madad Milegi!

  2. ABOUT ME . B Tech (IT-BHU Varanasi) MTech (IITDelhi) . PhD IIITM-Gwalior Cleared CSE-1989 and joined IRS (C&CE) in 1991 Took voluntary retirement in October 2016 Authored two bestselling books - Practising Spiritual Intelligence - The Secret Red Book of Leadership Follow Me @ - -

  3. GENERAL STUDIES IV ETHICS, INTEGRITY AND APTITUDE What is tested in paper . Your attitude and approach relating to integrity and probity in public life . Your problem solving approach to various issues and conflicts in dealing with society.

  4. CONSTITUTION OF PAPER . Section I (I20-125 marks) - Meaning of Terms - Meaning of Quotations - Discussions - Debates . Section Il: Case Studies (125-130 marks) Total Marks 250

  5. COMMON MYTHS ABOUT ETHICS PAPER . There is nothing right and wrong in Ethics You can answer the questions with commonsense . You can impress the examiner with idealistic answers

  6. A TYPICAL QUESTION Two different type of attitudes exhibited by public servants towards their work has been identified as the bureaucratic attitude and democratic attitude. I. Distinguish between these two terms and write their merits and demerits. 2. Is it possible to balance the two to create administration for faster development of our country?

  7. 1: DIFFERENCE OF PERCEPTION . An experienced person sees the world differently than an inexperienced one . A civil servants perception of the job is not same as that of a common citizen . A civil servant is concerned about rules and laws that the speed of delivery . A civil servant is concernedabout his career, pay & perks, facilities, promotions etc. pay & perks,facilities A citizen is concerned about integrity and faster delivery of services

  8. 2: AVAILABILITY BIAS We form our opinion based on the incorrect knowledge available to us through various sources We are heavily biased due to half-truths depicted in - Movies - Electronic Media Social Media - Fiction - Gossiping - Personal Experience

  9. 3. EXPERIENCE DEFICIT . A civil servant has to balance different stakeholders like politician,employees, media and public Most candidates don't have any experience of government service . Their opinion is formed on the basis of emotion rather than facts . They know only the half-truth and not the reality of public administration Their opinion is formed onthe bas f emotion rather than facts

  10. HOW CAN YOU SCORE BETTER? . Understand the fundamentals of ethics, morality and public service .Understand the reality as it is rather than what it should be Write answers from the perspective of examiner Avoid unrealistic idealism Suggest practical solutions to the real life problems . Use Imagination to write creative answers