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Course Overview( in Hindi )
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In this lesson I am going to list all the topics that I will cover in this course.

Jitendra jangir from CSE branch ,having more than 4 years teaching experience ,my courses will help you to understand different programming languages

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  1. COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS -Evolution of computers .Basics of computer and its operation: Functional Components and their inter- connections, concept of Booting, .Use of Operating System for directory listing, hierarchical directory structure, .renaming, deleting files/folders, .formatting floppy, copying files,

  2. COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS .concepts of path and pathname . switching between tasks, -installation/removal of applications;

  3. COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS .Software Concepts: -Tvpes of Software Utility Software and Application Software; .System Software: Operating System, Compilers, Interpreters and Assembler; Operating System: Need for operating system, System Software,

  4. COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS Functions of Operating System (Processor Management, Memory Management, File Management and Device Management), Types of operating syvstemInteractive (GUI based), Time Sharing, Real Time and Distributed

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