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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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This lesson talks about the target audience, objectives, topics and content of this course.

Neerja Patel
Assistant professor || Black belt holder || Certified Yoga Instructor || movies/ crafts/ knitting /novels/ poems/ excursion

Unacademy user
i must be a fool to ask such silly question but how much time one require to crack upsc or any state like mpsc ,apsc ,bpsc???
Diwakar Mishra
2 years ago
basically it takes 1 year if you give 100%
okay thank you
Neerja Patel
a year ago
welcome :)
  1. How to cover GEOMORPHOLOGY: Ultimate Strategy with Previous Years Questions Presented by Neeria Patel

  2. Target audience UGC NET/IRF Aspirants SET/CRET/RET Aspirants TGT/PGT and state Assistant Professor exam

  3. Neerja Patel Assistant Professor Geography Black belt holder Certified Yoga Instructor Like Teaching, Reading novels/poems, movies, Learning new arts/languages, Knitting, Excursion

  4. Objectives To discuss syllabus To provide right Strategy and proper guidance To provide authentic sources To provide topic wise previous years questions To assist you in your preparation

  5. In this course.. Syllabus, Planning to important Previous Tips you must topics, Booklist Years Paper Win know

  6. Must Watch Courses . Geography Previous Years' Solved Papers - Part 1 :& Part 2 (Hindi & English) :.How to cover paper 1 to get JRF: Ultimate strategy :with PYQs for NTA UGC NET (Hindi & English) :. G.C. Leong: Certificate Physical and Human Geography (Hindi & English)

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  8. Neerja's Feed Daily MCQs Series Neerja Patel Sept at 10:58 am Daily MCQs Series today's questions from paper 1 Q.1 Assertion (A): To communicate well in the classroom is a natural ability. Reason (R): Effective teaching in the classroom demands knowledge of the communication process. Code (a) A is false, but R is true (b) Both A and R are true, and R is the correct explanation of (c) Both A and R are true, but R is not the correct explanation of A (d) A is true, but Ris false. Q.2 Differentiation between acceptance and non acceptance of certain stimuli in classroom communication is the basis of (a) Selective morality (b) Selective expectation of performance (c) Selective affiliation of peer groups (d) Selective attention

  9. Thank you very much Special Thanks to all the 'Wonderful Learners who motivated me by their ratings, reviews, comments and appreciated my efforts & hard work by dedicating Hats. Take care.. Have a great day :)