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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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Anuj Garg is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anuj Garg
Founder of Anuj Garg Coaching with over 7 years of teaching experience.

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sir pls tell, names of books for optional history
thankyou sir 🙏 for coming bck with your course .
Thanks sir (HISTORY GURUJI)...
  1. unacademy About Me Anuj Garg Founder of Anuj Garg Coaching and Take-Off India 7 Years Experience Follow me on: https:/

  2. Most Important Years(Events) in Modern Indian History

  3. Course Features 1 Target Exams - UPSC /PSC 2. Language - Hinglish 3. Dscussing all the important events of the entire Modern Indian history syllabus 4. Year Range 1600 1947 5. Special ocus arca - From Plassey to Partition

  4. How will this course help you It will give you an idea of important events , you need to cover for UPSC/PSC exam 2. stuck, and at the time of revision - timelines are of most History This course covers several timelines which will help you whenever you importance especially in 4 5. covered Course Features This course covers several MCQs We will review the entire modern Indian History in 2-3 hours Not only factual part, concepts , ideologies , how , when and why are

  5. Battle between France and Britain British EIC Early presence in Death of Aurangzeb 632-95 Bengal 1707 1742-60 for Supremacy 1600 Third Battle of Panipat Clive appointed Company's Governor in India, treaty of Battle of Plassey Battle of Buxar 1757 1761 1764 1765 Allahabad First Anglo Mysore First Anglo Mysore war Pitt's India Act French Revolution 1767-69 war 1773 1784 1789 Third Anglo Mysore war Fourth Anglo Mysore war and Death of Charter Act of 1793 Permanent Settlemen 1790-92 1793 of Bengal 1799 Tipu Sultan 1793