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In this lesson we will discuss about the syllabus of the differential equation and also understand the strategy to cover this subject for the upcoming GATE examination.

Sanjay Yadav is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sanjay Yadav
Faculty of GATE & ESE. Qualified GATE 2014/2015/2016. Top Educator - GATE (Engineering Mathematics)

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sir please show the images about geographical questions... locations ....Maps.. countries.. positions such as ...Greenwich line map of sea Currents, which got easier to remember ...and Visuallized👨‍🔧👨‍🔧👨‍🔧 please review the suggestion sir
Rajeev Kumar
a year ago
Try this course , you will get ideas about Map Reading :
Rajeev Kumar
a year ago
Rajeev Kumar
a year ago
For IDL, Longitude and latitudes you can watch another course by me .
Rajeev Kumar
a year ago
Sir plz upload vector calculus complete videos nd differential equation videos also.... Ur videos are best sir other than ur lectures am not able to understand anyone's lecture that's y I need ur videos only! Plz upload sir as soon as possible
Hi sir ...When you will be uploading videos on differential equations and complex numbers?
sir we all are eagerly waiting for your videos.......please sir......??
  1. GATE Complete Course on Differential Equation

  2. Hello! I am Sanjay Yadav M.Tech. Communication and Signal processing Engineering (IIEST SHIBPUR) Qualified GATE -2014/2015/2016 Published IEEE International Conf. Paper SPCOM 2016 (IISc Bangalore) Follow me

  3. Differential Equation OSyllabus Higher Order Differential Equation & Linear Differential Equation * Determination of Complementary Function Particular Integral Homogenous Linear Differential Equation Euler Equation

  4. Differential Equation Syllabus : Initial and Boundary Value Problems Initial Value Problems & Boundary - Value Problems

  5. Differential Equation OSyllabus Partial Differential Equation * Partial Derivatives of First Order & Higher Order Homogenous Function Euler's Theorem * Composite Functions Errors and Approximations

  6. TARGET AUDIENCE 1. GATE Aspirants 2. Preparing for PSU 3. Preparing for ESE 4. Interest to learn Engineering Mathematics

  7. Importance of Engineering Mathematics Engineering Mathematics consist average of 14-15 marks in GATE

  8. Mobile: SanjayYadav1 Profile 53.9k 4-9 Sanjay Yadav M3 Educator in GATE (General Aptitude) Il Faculty of GATE II Qualified GATE 2014/2015/2016 11 Alumni of IIEST SHIBPUR Il Passion for Teaching 1.9k 3 Followers Folowing Courses 27 Edit Profile [ Need help? Chat with us Educator Status Active Billing information Invoices My KYC details Home Feed Library Statistics Profile

  9. THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at

  10. Differential Equation DSvllabus First Order Differential Equation * Differential Equation of First Order & First Degree Solution of a Differential Equation ** Variables Separable Form Homogenous Function & Linear Differential Equation * Bernoulli's Equation ** Exact Differential Equation

  11. GATE Differential Equation

  12. Engineering Mathematics O Weightage: 14-15 Marks Marks Distribution Completed "Linear Algebra Differential Equation Numerical Method Calculus D Complex VariableProbablity and Statistics Tranformed Theory