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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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The lesson is a description of overview of class VI polity NCERT. It deals with reasons of diversity and the provisions in the Constitution regarding diversity. It describes dalits in detail and their struggle for equality.

Charu Modi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Charu Modi
Having completed Masters in Law with gold medal from Lucknow University, qualified NET in July 2018 and has taught at Ambition Law Institute

Unacademy user
I wonder how some illiterate/less educated MPs, MLAs understand these technical things while passing any bill..they are just elected by people but now experts in polity..there are chances that some MPs and MLAs blindly,casually will vote for a bill which is in the session..sir can you clarify this? don't you think that there should be few training courses for our elected members to understand the cons and pros of bills?
Ved joshi
a year ago
Yes, some mla's and MPs are illiterate but there will be bureoucrates to help them and you know bureoucrates are how much literates
mam.. you should not use critical hindi terms like vyapar vividhta.... due to these terms your fluency of speaking is being affected ... so plzz dont use such these terms .. you can speak in english to these terms ... everyone knows :)
charu didi lot of thanks continue the course
wonderful lesson ma'am
my goodness maam apki Hindi mujhse bhi acchi hai and most important thing is that u use the Hindi terminology in ur lecture which I haven't seen before so thank you for ur appreciable work and parishram that u did for all of us.. ye hamara sobhagya hi hai ki Hum national law college ke graduated se shiksha grahan kr pa rhen hain thank you Unacademy once again

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  3. OVERVIEW Diversitv iversity Reasons Provisions under Constitution Government-Key elements of Democratic Government Panchayati Raj Rural Administration Urban Administration

  4. DIVERSITY Inequality comes about when a person does not have the resources and opportunities that are available to other persons * Caste System- society divided into various groups depending working upon work placed higher are supe placed lower are inferior and called untouchables

  5. DALIT Lower class address themselves as Dalit Broken Now referred as Scheduled Caste

  6. STRIVING FOR EQUALITY *Not just against British but also to be treated equally. Not just against British but also to be treated equally E.g- Women, Dalit, Tribal, Peasants Constitution makers called it a crime . Secular country Freedom to practice and profess any religion