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In this lesson I am going to tell aal the topics list that I will cover in this course.

Jitendra jangir from CSE branch ,having more than 4 years teaching experience ,my courses will help you to understand different programming languages

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  2. PROGRAMMING METHODOLOGY GGI Algorithms: what is algorithm? use of algorithms how to write algorithms -Flowcharts what is flowchart ? symbols used in flowchart. making of flowchart by using algorithms

  3. PROGRAMMING METHODOLOGY Program: A good program. some points about a good program Characteristics of good programming Problem solving methodology: how to solve a problem steps for solving a problem.

  4. PROGRAMMING METHODOLOGY Variables and object: what is a variable? What is a object ? Mutable and Immutable Variables Variable types classification of variables

  5. PROGRAMMING METHODOLOGY Keywords: what is a keyword? examples of keywords Operators and Operands what are operators and operands? type of operators. precedence of operators

  6. PROGRAMMING METHODOLOGY Expression and Statements: what is expression and statement? how to write an expression ? Input and Output: how to take input ? how to see output? what are comments? how to write comments? Comments

  7. PROGRAMMING WITH PYTHON Control Flow Structure: if if.else 1 nested if switch case for loop while loop do...while loop elif Looping Constructs:

  8. PROGRAMMING WITH PYTHON -Statement: S6 break statement continue statement -function: What is a function? how to write a function 2

  9. PROGRAMMING WITH PYTHON S6 .String List Dictionary Tuple

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