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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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This course will cover Instruction Pipelining in Computer Organisation and Architecture.

Sweta Kumari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sweta Kumari
YouTuber (channel : GATE NoteBook) | Verified Educator | 2+ year Online Teaching Experience

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Sir.... is it possible to get a general structure for case study
ma'am cache pe koi lesson nhi hai?
Sweta Kumari
8 months ago
Yes search cache mapping Sweta KUMARI on Unacademy
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  3. Pipelining in Computer Organization & Architecture USED TO INCREASE THE OVERALL PERFORMANCE OF CPU

  4. Execution, Stages and Performance PIPELINING LESSON 1

  5. Instruction Fetch Pipeline Stages Instruction Decode RISC processor has 5 stage instruction pipeline to execute all the instructions in the RISC instruction set. Instruction Execute 4Memory Access Write Back

  6. Dependencies and Data Hazard PIPELINING LESSON 2

  7. Dependencies in a pipelined processoir 1) Structural Dependency 2) Control Dependency 3) Data Dependency These dependencies may introduce stalls in the pipeline.

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