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Course Overview: How to take maximum advantage from this Course?
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How to take maximum advantage from this course

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses since November 2017. Academics- Polity, Economics n Pub Admn.

Unacademy user
please make separate lecture for economic, if possible. it would be very beneficial for us.
Mr. Jatin, you are a true mentor. you are a kind of educator, while listening to whom, suddenly in between of a very serious topic you can make your listeners crack up while keeping them engaged, motivated, and not losing track of the topic. your explanations come easy to me. a heartfelt thankyou for your courses. Respects!
I have published a course "daily UPSC Quiz " do check it .it can be Helpful for you guys
Since you are doing this great course but Most of Sunday is uncovered and specially TH provide Whole Sunday for Science and Technology , so my humble request to please make course on It
thnq sir for continuing the matter how many courses u run... paid or unpaid Bt ur most valuable course is Hindu DNA (free) n will always will.
Sir, what to do first in a day? should read actual newspaper & then watch your DNA or vice-versa? Because, generally your videos get posted at around 10pm.
Sir , enrolled in your polity 3rd batch , but still I do not get confirmation mail from unacademy side , only i have recieved payment Reciept on my mail . please tell what to do further
it's an honour to be students of yours
can you put some color highlighter on important sentence or word . so it easy to print on mind map.
thank you sir. economy is getting far easier as well as the entire the Hindu. Happy Holi :)
sir, will you doing this after your selection also
  1. Daily News Analysis Course Overview for March 2018 BY JATIN VERMA EDUCATOR UNACADEMY

  2. Course Overview To do the Analysis, of the news with background and inter-linkage > To Categorise news-articles acc. to UPSC Mains Syllabus >To practice Previous Current Affairs based Questions through DNA. > Taking a Multi-dimensional perspective of News for application in various papers of UPSC- GS-1, 2, 3,4 & Essay. >To Highlight Factual part relevant for various other Govt. Exams like SSC, Banking, APFC etc. To emphasize on the Facts important from the examination point of view > For beginners, 'what-to-read'and 'hat-to-skip' For Veterans, Topic based, mains oriented analysis > For Job-goers and multi-taskers. Above all, to make you fulfil your duty of being a "Responsible Citizen".

  3. What all can you expect in daily lessons? Lessons Topic-wise division of NEWS depending on the CONTENT OF NEWS Relevant for all Current Affairs heavy & CSE Papers: Prelims- Understanding based approach to Current Affairs (esp. Economy, polity and International Relations); Mains G. ociety; S. Paper 1: History and s Mains G.S. Paper 2: Polity & Gov. and International Relations; Mains G.S. Paper 3: Economic Development, Security etc. Mains G.S. Paper 4: Probity in Governance, Transparency etc.

  4. About me Name: Jatin Verma. Academic Background: Commerce, Public Administration Presently, preparing for UPSC CSE Hobbies: Reading Autobiographies, Share trading, travelling, Unacademy Profile: Association with Unacademy: Courses by me: 1. The Hindu News Analysis Hindi & English] 2. The Hindu Editorial Analysis Hindi & English] 3. Unacademy Plus courses: Polity, Economy, Current affairs USPA

  5. unacademV Course curriculum Indian Polity and Governance For UPSC CSE By Jatin Verma Basics of Indian Polity: Parliamentary System, Legislature, Executive & Judiciary Interface 2nd March, 2018 Starts on 2nd March, 2018 VIEW COURSE CURRICULUM

  6. YOU CAN REACH OUT TO ME facebook: jatinverm a0509 Telegram: jatinverma05 YOUTUBE: IAS TAYARI WITH JATIN VERMA E-MAIL: