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Course Overview, Geography NCERT Class 6 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Unacademy user
thank you so much sir
Ashish Malik
a year ago
most welcome kalpana
can you please complete this course? i mean geography till 10th or 12th if possible please.
none of the courses remains completed 🙄🙄🙄
  1. Course Overview UBHODEEP

  2. Subhodeep Das B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering VIT University Vellore unxa Subhodeep Das VERIFIED Follow VIT University graduate with Mechanical, Written Mains with Geography Optional Youtuber with 10K Subscriber Unacademy link: UBHODEEP

  3. Geography NCERT The Earth : Our Habitat Class 6 The bart (Explanation in foat) Course Targeted for UPSC/IAS SSC State PCS A detailed Analysis of Whole Book -Class 6 Students

  4. 1. The Earth in the Solar System 2. Globe Latitudes and Longitudes. 3. Motions of the Earth 4. Maps. 5. Major Domains of the Earth. 6. Major Landforms of the Earth. 7. Our Country - India. 8. India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife. Geography NCERT , Class 6, Overview UBHODEEP

  5. Course Targeted for: UPSC/IAS SSC - State PCS Class 6 Students Geography NCERT , Class 6, Overview UBHODEEP

  6. Note - Points covered NCERT Only Easy to comprehend the concepts. Geography NCERT , Class 6, Overview UBHODEEP

  7. Let's Start UBHODEEP