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Course Overview : Control System
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In this lesson we will discuss about the course structure and plan to complete this course before GATE examination. We will also discuss each sub topic which are in the syllabus and course outcome.

Sanjay Yadav is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sanjay Yadav
Faculty of GATE & ESE. Qualified GATE 2014/2015/2016. Top Educator - GATE (Engineering Mathematics)

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  1. GATE 2019 Mock Test Series Control System

  2. Control System Mock Test Series Structure There will be 7 Topic wise test and each test of 30 Marks [ 12 Q/2 Marks 6 0/ 1 Marks ]. O There will be negative marking for each MCQ question and no Negative marking for Numerical type questions. [-2/3 Marks for 2 Marks & -1/3 Marks for 1 Marks Question . Five Full Length Test will also be covered before GATE 2019 [ Each Test of 60 Marks of 35 Questions] Detailed Solution will be discussed for each Test where you can understand the trick and the way to solve the problems. Separate doubt clearing session will be also discussed live on Special Class based on the important topic.

  3. GATE 2019 Test Series : Topic Wise Structure Test Structure Test 1 Test 2A/Test 2B Test 3A/Test 3B Test 4A/Test 4B Test 5A/Test 5B Test 6 Test 7A/Test 7B Test 8 Test 12 Control System Transfer Function Stability Time Response Root Locus Technique Frequency Domain Analysis Design of Control System State Variable Analvsis Full Length Test Marks Distribution Question-18/Marks 30 Question 18/ Marks 30 Question 18/Marks 30 Question 18/ Marks 30 Question 18/ Marks 30 Question 18/ Marks 30 Question 18/ Marks 30 Question 35/ Marks 60

  4. Test Instruction O Online Assessment /Scientific Calculator Use one rough sheet and one pen O All the exams are time based, therefore be serious while giving the paper. Make your phone -switch off/Flight Mode. O After the exam check the solution section and identify your mistake.

  5. TEST OUTCOME Each Test consist of 18 Question of 30 Marks [ 2X12 Q = 24/ 1x 6 Q ], therefore you will understand the 18 different concept from one topic which are the most important. O Solution will be provided with detail analysis of each question Smart Preparation and revise each and individual sub topic from one subject. O After completion of one topic there will be summary of formula and Important topic to remember and can be very useful for the last-minute preparation Idea of Question from one topic and confidence build up. OOverall Rank statistics from the other learner. Real Time Exam environment.

  6. THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at