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Course Overview and Basics of Reading Comprehension
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This lesson tells some important points that one needs to keep in mind while solving any reading comprehension. It also gives a couples of tips how to ace such questions.

Minalee Goyal
Hi I am Minalee. I am from Indore. Presently, I am pursuing PGP at IIM Indore. Prior to this, I have done engineering in Computer Science.

Unacademy user
u r so sweet sir ...
hi, reading is not a problem for me ...but while I read due to lengthy or the due topic it takes me to some imagination...where I get lost can I tackle this issue! please help me .
can you recommed for more blogs or websites for improving RC section.Thanks in adavnce .
Minalee Goyal
2 years ago
Instead of just reading blogs or websites about RC, I would suggest you to read good articles in newspapers. That would help you.
can you tell me websites were i can find lots of RCs to practice
reading seems very boring to me?how can i develop intrest?
Minalee Goyal
2 years ago
It is my utmost pleasure :)

  2. How important is RC?

  3. Problems in solving RC?

  4. Kinds of passages

  5. Methods used to solve 1. Passage first 2. Question first

  6. Distinguish between facts and opinions

  7. Eliminate Don't select

  8. Practice