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Course Intro & Average velocity #1 (In Hindi)
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Through this lesson we'll cover some important portion of kinematics and dynamics in short and also we'll discuss a lot questions related to each topic

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  3. CRAs4 Physics course for IIT JEE Kinematics & Dynamics 1D Non-Accelerated Motion 1D Accelerated Motion Force Frictional Force Newton's Law of Motion Relative Motion

  4. Average velocity for one dimensional motion (a) Suppose a particle in one dimensional motion covers distance Xi, in time t1 with velocity Vi and then it covers distance x2, in time t2 with velocity v2. The average velocity of the particle is given by anti+t2 vi 2

  5. (b) If a particle, in one dimensional motion covers (x/n)th distance with velocity V , next (x/n)th distance with velocity v2, next (x/n)th with velocity v3, and so on last (x/n)th distance with velocity Vn, then the average velocity is the Harmonic mean of v , V2, V3, 0)

  6. A boy walks to his school at a distance of 6 km with a speed of 2.5 km/h and walks back with a constant speed of 5 km/h. His average speed for round trip expressed in km/h is (A)24/13 (B) 10/3 (C) 4.8

  7. we know that 01 'U2 2n GD an, according to questior 1 + 1 U1 'U2 10 1 2 0t5+5255 as 3 5 2 1 1O 3

  8. A car covers 1/3 distance with speed 20 km/h and 2/3 with 60 km/h. Average speed is (A) 40 km/h (C) 36 km/h (B) 50V2 km/h (D) 80 km/h

  9. In 1st case: Distance covered by car, x1-/3 km Speed, V20km/h Hence, time taken, t1 = x/v1-1/60 h In 2nd case: Distance covered by car, X2- Speed, v2- 60 km/h Hence, time taken, tz 1/90 h Therefore, av. speed Total distance covered / Total time taken = x1+x2/t1-t2

  10. The car travelling on a straight track moves with uniform velocity of v for some time and with uniform velocity v2 for the next equal time the average velocity of the car is: (a) Viv2/2 b) VV2/4 (c) Vr+V2/2 (d) Vr-V2/2