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COP 23 Bonn
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This lesson covers: COP 23 - Bonn

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  1. UN Conference On Climate Change In Nov 2017 COP23 - Bonrn Lesson-3 By Dr. Roman Saini

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  4. Global Partnerships During COP23 1. Health Initiative for the Vulnerable: The World Health Organisation (WHO) in collaboration with the UNFCCC and the Fijian COP23 Presidency launched a special initiative to protect people living in Small Island Developing States(SIDS) from the health impacts of climate change. Its goal by 2030 is to triple the level of international financial support to climate and health in Small Island Developing States

  5. 2. Launch of InsuResilie nce Global Partnership: The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) contributed 110 million euros (US $125 million) to launch the InsuResilience Global Partnership for Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Solutions. It aims to bring affordable insurance and other financial protection to millions of vulnerable people around the world. 3. Launch of the Ocean Pathway Partnership: The COP23 launched the Ocean Pathway Partnership to encourage the climate negotiations process to address the relationship between climate change and the ocean

  6. 4. Bonn-Fiji Commitment: Local and regional leaders gathered to officially adopt the Bonn-Fiji Commitment of Local and Regional Leaders to Deliver the Paris Agreement at All Levels. . It is a pledge that signals their commitment to bring forward a critical shift in global development. The Bonn-Fiji Commitment highlights the pledge to raise collective ambition for climate action as well.

  7. Regional Initiatives Duringq COP23 1. Climate Action Pacific Partnership (CAPP) Fiji held the Climate Action Pacific Partnership (CAPP) Conference in 2017 in Suva for accelerating climate action in the Pacific. . 2. Launch of the NDC Regional Hub: The NDC Partnership is establishing a new regional hub to support the implementation of NDCs in the Pacific. The initial donors are Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia

  8. 3. Blue Carbon for the Pacific: Working with Fiji and other Pacific countries, Australia will support efforts to protect and manage coastal blue carbon ecosystems in the Pacific. AU $6 million will be provided To strengthen the blue carbon data, knowledge and capacity in the Pacific; To support its integration into national greenhouse gas accounting and climate policy; and To seek to catalyse public and private sector investment. o o o

  9. Pacific Climate Finance and Insurance Incubator (the "Drua Incubator"): 4. The Pacific Climate Finance and Insurance Incubator known as the Drua Incubator- will bring together leaders in finance, investment and insurance . It aims to develop and "incubate" transformational and scalable financial and insurance products that meet the specific requirements of Pacific Small Island Development States.

  10. 2018 Talanoa Dialogue COP23 decided to_"convene a facilitative dialogue among Parties in 2018 louakeastor o to take stock of the collective efforts of Parties in relation to progress towards the long-term goal of the Paris Agreement and to inform the preparation of nationally determined contributions countries'" Therefore, the COP23 announced an inclusive and participatory process that allows countries as well as non-Party stakeholders. It aims to share stories and showcase best practices in order to urgently raise ambition including pre-2020 action - in nationally determined contributions (NDCs) 35 .

  11. The dialogue will be conducted in the spirit of the Pacific tradition of Talanoa: 1. Talanoa is a traditional approach used in Fiji and the Pacific to . engage in an inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue; The purpose of Talanoa is to share stories, build empathy and trust; During the process, participants advance their knowledge through common understanding; It creates a platform of dialogue, which results in better decision-making for the collective good; By focusing on the benefits of collective action, this process will inform decision-making and move the global climate agenda forward; 2. 3. 4. 5.