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Conjunctions - Part 1
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Conjunction - part 1

Vandana Nehra

Unacademy user
sir is course me to AVI 22 lessons hi hai?
Nitish Kumar
9 months ago
Theory part khtm hoga aaj....questions abhi bhut honge......Aaj 10 lessons add honge...
Devendra Kumar
9 months ago
ok sir
jis bande ne conjunction ki spelling wrong likhi ho wo kaise sahi padha sakta hai🤔🤔
very slow... please speak faster
  1. Conjuction "God made the country and man made the Town "She must weep or she will die" "Two and two make four"

  2. So what conjuction really is? . A word which merely joins together the sentences and words. Conjuctions make the sente compact. . E.g-Balu is a good bowler And vithal is good bowler. So inspite of saying this way, we can say- "Balu and vithal are good bo lers

  3. Rules which you should not confuse with Conjuctions must be carefully distinguished from relative pronouns, relative adverbs and prepositions, which are aslo connceting words. . E.g- 1)l met hari who had just returned.(relative pronoun) 2) Take this and give that.( conjuction)

  4. Some conjuctions are used in pairs Conjuctions which are used in pairs are called Correlative Conjuctions or merely Correlatives. . Eg- Either take it or leave it. . It is neither useful nor ornamental . We both love and honour him . Though he is suffering much pain yet he does not complain

  5. 3 types of conjuctions . Coordinating conjuctions Subordinating conjuction:s Correlative conjuctions

  6. Co-ordinating conjuctions " birds fly and fish swim" "he was all right only he was fatigued" In the above two examples ,the sentence contains two independent statements or two statements of equal rank or importance .Hence the conjuction joining these two conjuctions iscalled co-ordinating conjuction

  7. FANBOYS-- . FANBOYS- FOR,AND ,NOR,BUT,O YET , SO. They glue together the element of sentences that are same e.g- you must study or you wont learn grammar.