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Conjunction (in Hindi)
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I will describe important rules based on " MODALS- hen and while" with examples in Hindi.

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  2. CONTUNCTOON While when

  3. Rule -1 WHILEWhen both the Sentences are im comtinuus temse When he was driving the Can, 9 was takimg rest in -the back seat. > while instead when.

  4. Ru le-2 [wHEND-Taks -foy short-time, WHIL _ For long time. me .

  5. WHEN Taks for short tme WHILEFor long time rne. @ ulhen 3 was oin aing to the bomk, 3 met my classmato Use while. while you sneeze, tove your -fa ce uith a hand kenchief Use when.

  6. Rul-3 WhenAge on emiod et lite while he was a child, he was veny naug ht w hi le