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Concepts : Spring-Block & COM -1
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In this lecture very interesting concept of spring block system is discussed. Such motion is difficult to imagine. Some basic steps are explained to solve such problems.

Gaurav Joshi
Mechanical Engineer. Secured AIR 5 in ESE & AIR 47 in GATE. Also cleared BARC,ONGC,ISRO. Worked for BARC, HITACHI.Guitar player & Vocalist

Unacademy user
Thank you so much, Madam.
method no 1 se answer nhi aa Raha hai sir
then when returning back velocity of B wrt ground is max and at this instant velocity of A wrt ground is zero
2 months ago
mera bhi yahi doubt hai V a/g = 0 ayega na
sir 1st method mein agar first block ki velocity negative consider ki ans match nahi ho raha
work done (neg) of 1/2 kx 2 kaise aya
Vikas Sinha
5 months ago
spring after elongation tries to comes to its original position so it acts opposite to elongation
Sir part 1 wale question Mei final kinetic energy wrt center of mass equal to zero as sabki velocity COM ke barabar hai.....yeh point sirf samaj Mei nahi aa raha hai Sir...
Ankush Saha
8 months ago
KE ke sys wrt com formula mai velocity relative lete hai,which is zero as at final position v1=v2
Deeksha Verma
3 months ago
v1 and v2 ki direction same hoti h ya nhi in case of final condition in case 1
  1. COM & Spring Concept-1 O,BARC. GAURAV JOSHI

  2. About me GAURAV JOSHI B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering(2010-14) Secured AIR 5 in ESE 2017 Secured AIR 47 in GATE 2017 Cleared BARC, ISRO ,ONGC.. . Worked For BARC in 2017 Worked for Hitachi in 2014

  3. Spring-Block- problems Some uith Max ceupvessio Relative spe .0

  4. 8locks A Ae are giveu impulse in opposite disas shouon in figure i Maxi mum strech in Apring (i) Maximum velocia of block. A R irouwd frame

  5. Sol CM 3m CM CM Now

  6. M-2 COM frame Reduced Mass C M (am)(m ma 3 m

  7. ax velou XW spring in Reslared stati Vo B Y same dir 00n CM AfcM Yelcm CM Com framt

  8. May G Mar Max CM Relax -2. Retur Back