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Concepts of Pollution - 1 An Introduction
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This lesson consists of overview of this course, introduction of pollution, pollutants and their types.

Vatsala Mishra
Gold medalist in M.Sc, B.Ed from University of Allahabad, CTET and UPTET qualified, 4 years of teaching experience Passionate about teaching

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Thanks for making this video on very useful topic it will surely help all of us for any government exams ☺️☺️
Vatsala Mishra
a year ago
Thanks and keep watching.
Apoorv Dutta
a year ago
Wow vatsala u re looking very confident as usual.... Great.. Proud of u dear👍👍👍👍
Vatsala Mishra
a year ago
Thanks and keep watching.
Wow vatsala u re looking very confident as usual.... Great Proud of u..... 👍👍👍
  1. Concepts of Pollution An Introduction

  2. About Me .4 Years of teaching experience. .M. Sc and B. Ed Gold medalist from University of Allahabad. UPSC Aspirant. Educator at Unacademy. Passionate about Teaching

  3. Overview e Introduction to the Pollution . Air Pollution . Water and Marine Pollution . Soil and Noise Pollution E-Waste and Solid Waste Radioactive pollution Bioremediation

  4. Objective and Target Audience Its objective is to identify the type of pollution, sources, their impacts and control measures. To save our environment by taking suggestive precautions. It will be useful for UPSC CSE/IFoS, State PSCs, Other competitive exams

  5. An Introductior Pollution is an undesirable change in the physical chemical and biological characteristics of air, water and soil that may harmfully affect the life or create a potential health hazard of any living organism. .The agents which cause environmental pollution are called pollutants . Smoke from Industries and automobiles, sewage from houses etc Majority of pollution is coming from vehicular exhaustions, mining and stubble burning.

  6. Classification of Pollutants Existence Form they persist inDegradability Origin Quantitative: These occur Primary: These persists in Biodegradable: These Natural, in nature and become the form in which they are degraded by Anthropogenic pollutant when there are added to the microbial action e.g. concentration reaches environment e.g. plastic. sewage. beyond a threshold e.g. Secondary: These are Non-Biodegradable: Co2. Qualitative: They are man among made e.g. DDT formed by interaction These are not by microbes e.g. Plastic, primary decomposed pollutants e-g. Smog. Glass etc

  7. Types of Pollution . Air Water . Soil . Radioactive Air Water Soil Noise Other 20% 20% Noise . e-waste and solid waste . Marine 20% 30% 10%

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