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Concept of Tributaries (in Hindi)
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Concept of Tributaries

Irshad Ali is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Irshad Ali
Working in Renewable Energy Sector having a Youtube Channel "Target Sarkari Naukri"

Unacademy user
sir ye course sirf pre ka h ya mains bhi?
Sonu Kumari
a year ago
mains k liye bhi krwayenge kya aap baad me?
excellent class sir thank you so much sir
wordless praise for u sir
scintillating speaking. Nice material
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  2. unacademy Home Explore Plus Irshad ali Login Signup Irshad Ali Follow VERIFIED Working in Renewable Energy Department. with a Youtube Channel "Target Sarkari Naukri 79,893 Views in last 30 days / 203,903 Lifetime Views 16 Courses 7.7k Followers 0 Following Geography Of India Part-01 Concept Of Latitude Current Affairs 2018 Current Affairs 2018 July 2018 UPSC UPPSC SSC Railway Banking UPPSC UPPER LOWER RO ARO LT GRADE ASTT. TEACHER UPSC UPPSC SSC Railway Banking UPPSC UPPER LOWER RO ARO LT GRADE ASTT. TEACHER LEKH .

  3. Geography Lesson -2 Concept Of Tributaries & River Basin

  4. DRAINAGE SySTEM Rainfall a) Glacier ( mountain ) Hill plateu h la Platn raul

  5. Glacier. Raln Main Riuer Cmuch wato) Sea Deltt

  6. River Basih / Drange Basin / Catchment Aa Tsibutvies .Sea Delta Delta 4 iver dota s land that Boumsuom debosHian of sediments cavied ht a sr

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  9. The drainage basin Soure Drainage Basin All rivers receive a Tributary water supply and the area of land this comes from iS known as a drainage basin The boundaries of the basin are known as the watershed and will usually be marked by areas of River Watershed Mouth

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