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Computer One Liner Question Answer Part-1 (In Hindi)
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Computer One Liner Question Answer Part-1 (In Hindi)

Jaypal Bhakar
M. Sc. In Organic Chemistry, B.Sc. In PCM, Educatar, Youtuber YouTube channel name "Let's Learn with Jepybhakar" Currently Selected In RPSC.

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sir,is these lessons are good for ssc ?
bhut acha pdate ho sir
  1. Computer Important Question Answer Jaypal Bhakar

  2. Oneliners .dt ENIAC VIf fe 77 (Analytical Engine) 7 3TfTATTEaT T 1833 . Binary Number System 03 1 CPU World Wide Web 1989-90 THfere, trt (Silicon Valley) fmt 1614 Compact Disk Read Only Memory 3.25" 5.25' -Secondary Memory BTS fg (Hard Disk) Main Memory feTE Chache Memory . CPU canned by CamScanne

  3. -Local Area Network -Wide Area Network 4RH-1000 utaur . 'LAN.yysrmt trzd ( Registers -Backup Plan ira TTTA (Distructive Programme) 0C (File Allocation Table) 1024 T 1025 -Arithmetic Logical Unit -Input Device FR 2x Mouse, Key-Board, Joy-Stick, Light Pent IBM 7 Tof -International Business Machine Hard disk FORTRAN . Compiler High Level Language at Machine Language , -0 3 1 -3TTI 3R7 4fa (Binary Number System) DOS 3 R Windows t Operating System File Extension -Computer Software . 1 -Input (E-mail) TR (Power Point) fFO Scanned by CamScanner

  4. Bug) amarrfa -Personal Computer -Information 3T RM JAVA, COBOL, ORACLE C+ -Database Management System -Light Emitting Diode -Binary Digit -Uniform Resource Locator @ST RTC -Compact Disk (Formatting) Information Interchange -Power on Self Test FT -American Standard Code Scanned by CamScanner

  5. MIDI -1989.90 FAT4737zf File Allocation Table ZT -1024 KB -1024 MB -Magnetic lnk Character Reader -MENU . MICR -International Business Machine I B M TTrq t canned by CamScanne

  6. 1 1 -T-3A -Personal Computer MTTI (Freeware) -Central Processing Unit Memory Primary Memory (Cursor) Secondary Memory -Random Access Memory -Read Only Memory -101 3137 (Shut-down) CPU VDU 12 -Magnetic Ink Character Recognition iTam fHT70 (Analog Signal) fsfaza fHma (Digital TH (Digitalization) Scanned by CamScanner