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Complex number - 21 - NUMERICAL
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Prakhar Shrivastava is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Prakhar Shrivastava
INDUSTRIAL AND PRODUCTION | IIT B | NITIE | GATE - 2016 ( AIR -03, SCORE - 939/1000) |Tennis | Street plays | Foodie

Unacademy user
ma'am how do we give their common name and how to distinguish between common name and IUPAC name also their are branched hydrocarbon so how can we name them pls ma'am help with this also.
Prakriti Bhonsle
2 years ago
You need to learn the common names. IUPAC names have certain rules. You will be able to distinguish between both once you know the rules. For naming simple branched hydrocarbons, I will upload a video soon.
Ananya Mittal
2 years ago
thank you so much ma'am.
  1. Engineering Mathematics - Complex numbers 21 Residue theorem numerical PRAKHAR SHRIVASTAVA

  2. EDUCATOR'S INTRODUCTION Prakhar Shrivastava I am an Industrial and production engineering graduate JEC, Jabalpur GATE 2016 AIR 03 (PI GATE SCORE 939/1000 Cracked written and interview for 1101, IIT B Currently pursuing PGDIE from NITIE, Mumbai My hobbies Tennis, Street plays and big time Foodie Code PrakharShrivastava333 Https:/

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  5. cosa COS

  6. 24 (Z)dz 2 1 12-il=2