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Comparision of Adjectives: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Focus of the lesson is on introduction to comparison of adjectives.

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Sanjay Kumar
Ex-Indian Army Professional & Intelligence Bureau I Speaker—Josh Talks I Focus Areas: General Studies & Security Analysis & SSB Preparation

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TCS wali math bataiye madam
Sir me Indian army ke clerk k paper k bare me jaankari chahta hu
army solider clerk ke bhare me bhatau sirji
  1. English for CDS/SSC-CGL/IBPS/AFCAT (Part 3): Adjective (B) BY: Sanjay Kumar (Ex-Indian Army) SK

  2. Who aml Ex- Indian Army/Defence Correspondent/ MHA 1 English for UPSG DS/SSC CGL ExamtWren Martin 2, 30 Days Strategy for CDS 3. 30 Days Strategy for English (Tier Il) SSC CGL Other than CDS, cleared IGRUA, SSC-CGL, IIMC, BHU, ACIO-ll, IP PhD, etc. exams

  3. English Section: Grammar faxTI) + Comparison of Adjective(TFTTE Exercise SK

  4. Comparison of Adjective . Check the following sentences: 1. Sanjay is 2. Sanjay is than Hari. 3. Sanjay is the strong. stronger strongest amongst his friends. SK

  5. Comparison of Adjective 1. Adjective strong General information is given, Sanjay has the quality of being strong, without saying how much of this quality it Sanjay is TECIR-Positive Degree( strong RRIT SK

  6. Comparison of Adjective Adjective stronge: When compared between two people (Sanjay & Hari) ( 2. 7a757 Sanjay is stronger than Hari RT : Comparative Degree (3TRART) SK

  7. Comparison of Adjective Adjective strongest friends, Sanjay is the strongest ( 7747 3. That among all his GIHRT R - Superlative DegreeHRIT) SK 7

  8. Comparison of Adjective . Adjectives change in form (strong, stronger, strongest) to show comparison. They are called the three Degrees of Comparison Adjective strong -> Adjective stronger Positive Degree ( 14RT) ger-> Comparative Degree(STRIRT) ongest-> Superlative Degree( 3RT) SK

  9. Comparison of Adjective 1. Positive Degree Adjective in its simple form . It is used to denote the mere existence of some It is used when no compo is made SK 9

  10. Comparison of Adjective 2. Comparative Degree: It denotes a higher degree of the quality than the Positive, and is used when two things (or sets of things) are compared VThis boy is stronger than that. Which of these two pens is the Apples are than oranges. better SK 10

  11. Next .Formation of Comparative and Superlative 14 SK