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Common Mistakes Committed by Aspirants In Engineering Services / IES Exam: Part 2
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As Engineering Services IES is an high pressure exam since it is conducted by UPSC and one of the most important exam for Engineerings. So aspirants often committee some mistakes while attempting this IES exam. In this video we have listed all the mistakes so that you can be aware of those mistakes well before time. You can enculcat all those things in your preparation. So please see it carefully.

Pawan Saini
Manager PSU, Worked @ SAIL, Cleared GATE 2012, 2013, SSC JE, CDS, AFCAT, BARC. Best of luck for ESE Prelims.

Unacademy user
Thanks for your continous efforts Pawan. We are looking forward to many courses of you.
Pawan Saini
2 years ago
A lot are their.. Right from current affairs to environment pollution energy Project Management..Do watch them all
In the process of watching. I will definitely wath all of them.
Pawan Saini
2 years ago
sir, how can i control the silly mistakes in the exams . I just lost my rank in the gate and ies exams. although i was getting above average marks in test series but silly mistakes were constant and same type of mistakes happened in the exam as well and lost my chance.this is completely demoralizing .i have given so much effort to control these mistakes but not successful,what should i do??
Pawan Saini
3 years ago
Dear Siddhant.. Very sorry to hear this..But have patience..We learn from our mistakes.. Sometimes when we try very hard then also the things doesn't work...Try to be simple..You are putting to much stress on your mind...If your preparation is at very good level do attempt SSC Junior Engineer BARC and Coal India paper carefully..They can pay back you to some extent what you have lost inspite of hard work.. I would suggest you to read one philosophical book..In this situation it can be like Bhagwat GITA for you. Please try to read the Power of Subconscious mind written by Dr. Joseph Mercy and published by Manjul publication.. Please read the Hindi version.. Some times when things doesn't work well.. These kind of things work.. So when your mind is set again..Then come to studies.. Solving practice paper without seeing the solution is sufficient for working out on our mistakes..Or solving 10 numerical in one go without seeing solution also works well.. So try this two things first philosophical second technical.. Hope you will be benefited..
Pawan Saini
3 years ago
Sorry for mistake in name Sidharth Shekhar.. It's because of auto correction.. Really sorry for that...
thank you sir for your guidance.
Pawan Saini
2 years ago
You are most welcome
  1. 10 Common Mistakes Committed by Aspirants In Engineering Services/IES Exam Part 2 Presented by PAWAN SAINI


  3. PAWAN SAINI ABOUT ME PAWAN SAINI Oriental Institute Of Science and Technology Bhopal ASSISTANT MANAGER IN RITES (A PSU under Ministry of Railways) Joined in 2013 posted at NTPC Sipat Project Previously Worked at SAIL Bokaro Love to do Social Service Travelling Teaching Spiritual Activities IRIMEE DLW ICF IRITM TKD GOLDEN ROCK SAIL NTPC CIL BHEL Previously Worked at SAlIL Bokaro

  4. Mistake 5 Don't try to do extraordinary things in last one or two days Try to follow your conventional timetable. Don't do experiment at last stage. Follow your natural routine. -Take care of your health and diet.

  5. Mistake 6 Once you left out to give Exam stop thinking about the things which you have left out Just have a thought that you have covered everything Try to be relaxed and patient.

  6. Mistake 7 Don't rush up in last minutes for exam centre. Have enough time in hand to meet any situation like traffic jam, bike puncher, signal issue etc.. If not it will panic you horribly and whole of your exam will be at risk.

  7. Mistake 8 Don't be in a hurry in filling OMR sheet. Please fill it very carefully Don't rush to the paper. -Just check it fully like the pages serial no, total no of questions, misprints. Check have a look at all the questions for 5 minutes before you start solving so that you can asses the level of questions.

  8. Mistake9 Start with the easy questions. It will give you confidence and will release your sfress -Paper is like doing batting in cricket. Paper IS like doln Don't get clean bold by trapping in tuff questions with complicated calculations -Build up your innings gradually by attempting easy then medium questions

  9. Mistake 10 Use proper techniques (cheat codes) to solve all the questions along with your knowledge alonga Wi Wars are not won by power but with correct techniques and strategies -Fill the OMR well before time Keep on trying till last second