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Clock Part 4
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Chapter 4 of Clock

Piyush Dixit
A Techie who is blend of Software Engineering as profession and Teaching as Passion.

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thank you mam. please upload more lessons which in important for net
  1. Piyush Dixit MCA 4 years of teaching experience for Competitive Exams


  3. Q. A watch loses 2 minutes in every 24 hour while another watch gains 2 minutes, in 24 hours. At a particular instant, the two watches showed an identical time. Which of the following statements is correctif 2 (a) The two watches show the identical time again on completion of 30 days. (b) The two watches show the identical time again on completion of 90 days. (c) The two watches show the identical time again on completion of 120 days. (d) None of the above statements correct. 4-hour clock is (CSAT-2017) Time difference between them is 4 minutes in 24 hour A) 4*30-120 B) 4*90 360 C) 4*120 480 D) Hence D will be Answer

  4. A clock strikes once at 1 o'clock, twice at 2 o'clock and thrice at 3 o'clock, and so on. If it takes 12 seconds to strike at 5 o'clock, what is the time taken by it to strike at 10 o'clock? (CSAT-17) (a) 20 seconds (b) 24 seconds (c) 28 seconds (d) 30 seconds So first line of question is to make you confuse As it is clear that striking at 5 o'clock there will be 4 intervals Hence time duration is 12/4 3 second Similarly at 10 o'clock it needs 8 interval so 8*3 24 seconds will be answer

  5. Q. A class starts at 11:00 am and lasts till 2:27 pm. Four periods of equal duration are held during this interval. After every period, a rest of 5 minutes is given to the students. The exact duration of each period is: (a) 48 minutes (b) 50 minutes (c) 51 minutes (d) 53 minutes (CSAT-16) . Total duration of class is 3:27 hour means 207 minute total, There shall be 3 intervals of 5 minutes each totalling to 15 minutes. Total duration of class periods = 207-15 = 192 minutes. Hence Duration of one class 192/4 48 minutes. Option (a) is the answer.

  6. Q. Between 6 PM and 7 PM the minute hand of a clock will be ahead of the hour hand by 3 minutes at? (CSAT-15) (a) 6: 15 PM (b) 6: 18 PM (c) 6: 36 PM (d) 6: 48 PM In this case minute hand will gain 3 minutes, Since situated at 6 so earlier location is 30 so total is 30+3 33 seconds Hence 33 minutes space will be gained in 33*12/11-36 So Answer will be C

  7. Assume that 1. the hour and minute hands of a clock move without jerking. 2. the clock shows a time between 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock. 3. the two hands of the clock are one above the other. After how many minutes (nearest integer) with the two hands be again lying one above the other? (CSAT-14) (a) 60 (b) 62 (c) 65 (d) 67 60*60/55 Which is near by 65


  9. Q. At what angle are the hands of a clock inclined 25 minutes past 5? At 25 minutes past 5, the minute hand is at 5 and the hour hand will be slightly ahead of 5, Since hour hand moves 30 degree in 60 minutes, hence in 25 minutes it will be 30* 25/60 12.5 One shortcut for Angle: 30*Diff of H and M/5 +M/2 30* [Diff of 5 and 25/5]+25/2 30*0 +12.5 12.5 WI

  10. Q. Find the time between 3 and 4 O'clock when the angle between the hands of a watch is one-third of a right angle ? 30* (3-M/5)+M/2 30 Or (15-M)*6 +M/2 30 180 -12M+M 60 M 120/11 or 10 (10/11) 3 hour and 10 (10/11) minutes