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Classification of Rocks (in Hindi)
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Highly recommended course for UPSC Know everything about Rocks..

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The world's narrowest strait used for international navigation, the Bosporus strait connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara.
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  2. CLASSIFICATION OF ROCKS ri) IGNEOUS ROCKS (3Tap T,Cm) :-formed due to cooling, solidification and crystallization of molten earth materials know as magma(below the earth's surface) and lava(on the earth's surface) E.g.- Basalt, granites etc. 2) SEDIMENTARY ROCKS (37THrt) :-Formed through the compression and cementation of the sediments deposited in a particular place mainly aquatic areas. E.g.- Sandstones, limestone.

  3. Basalt Granite Sandstone

  4. Basalt Granite Sandstone

  5. ) METAMORPHIC ROCKS ( Tafer TCT) :-Formed due to change either in the form or composition of either igneous or sedimentary rocks provided that there is no disintegration of pre- existing rocks. Serpentine Gabbro Amphibolite

  6. Rocks Metamorphic Rocks Granite Shale Sandstone Shale Coal Limestone Gneiss Schist Quartzite Slate> Phyllite Anthracite Graphite Marble Serpentine Gabbro