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Centre State Relations - Financial Relations II
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In this lesson a detailed explanation of the various categories of taxes within the taxation power of the union, levied by the Union but categorised on the basis of who collects and appropriates is explained

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Deepika Reddy Magham
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4/10.................still going very poor
little still confusion mam, article 269 - inter state means trade bw states and intrastate trade means trade with in state am clear in this ... but if inter state trade means tax levied and collected by center and assigned to states ...the intrastate trade means ..where the tax go ...? explain mam
anything related to interstate trade periyanna including taxes
mam, now the medicinal and toilet duties assigned to union ...?
thank you mam for uploading the splendid lesson :-)
mam your lessons are super awesome :-)
Thanks shubham
best of all best of best :-)

  2. RESOURCES UNDER THE CENTRE 1. Duties levied by union but collected and appropriated by states include (Art 268) Stamp Duties - Medicinal &Toilet Preparation (this has been removed by 101 CAA

  3. RESOURCES UNDER THE CENTRE 2. Taxes Levied and Collected by Union assigned to the States (Art 269) Sale/Purchase of Goods except goods related to interstate Trade

  4. RESOURCES UNDER THE CENTRE 3. Taxes levied and collected by the Union but appropriated shared between the Union and the states Article 269 (A) - Inserted by 101 CAA, 2016. Deals with Goods & Services related to interstate trade. According to this GST will be Levied & Collected by Union and Shared between Union & Stateson the basis of recommendations of GST council.

  5. RESOURCES UNDER THE CENTRE Taxes on income other than Agricultural income shall be Levied and Collected by Union but shall be distributed between Union and the State on the basis of recommendation union Finance Commission

  6. RESOURCES UNDER THE CENTRE Article 268 (A) - Inserted By 88th CAA, 2003 and replaced by 101 CAA,2016, it dealt with Service Tax. 88th CAA included Service Tax in the Union List - it was levied and collected by Union and shared between Union & States on basis of recommendations of Finance Commission.

  7. RESOURCES UNDER THE CENTRE 4. Taxes levied, collected and appropriated by the Uniorn Article 271 - Surcharge on Certain duties& Taxes are levied, collected & Appropriated by the Union. Surcharge on Income Tax - Levied, Collected & Appropriated by Centre

  8. RESOURCES UNDER THE CENTRE 5. Taxes levied and collected by the Union which may be distributed between Union and States. (This category has been repealed 80th CAA, 2000).