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Bronsted-lowery Acid-Base Theory (in Hindi)
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Sanjay kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sanjay kumar
Hii this is Sanjay Kumar I have been teaching Chemistry for 4 yrs Follow me on youtube @jamchem Qualified jam and many entrance

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Sir theory part par bhi video bnaye
sir please make a video on solubility product principle
  1. # BRoists D-Lowe-Theory. ONSTE Acid:-Substance which Have tendecy in any Solvent are called 8. to Donate-broton CH+. 324 Acid

  2. Add. S -S Base Cory A aid Bate 42

  3. base, ~Thore substance whon are Have tenden any method are Known 9 H3NH NH2 NH2 3 Base Auid C.A C.B

  4. 2 as Ad as well as 8ase CB CA C.A. 8 C.A 2 Acid c. g.