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British Socio-Cultural Policy - 1 (in Hindi)
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British socio-cultural policy in india

Adarsh Kumar Pandey
Hello Everyone, I'm adarsh, Preparing for UPSC CSE. | Teaching Experience - 2.5 Year.

Unacademy user
Sir, in your very first lecture you said that the numerator is the increment but in this in the first question you are saying it is incremented value. So sir is it the increment value or incremented value?
when simple increment is given like 20% increment in a number then 1/5 and numerator will show increment and denominator will show original number ok but if the language is like this if a number is increased by 161 then it becomes 216.66% now if you convert this fraction then Numerator will so Increased number as something is added and number becomes this ok and here denominator will show the original number only I hope you get it share my videos with your friends and Rate and Review
Neelanjan Maiti
a year ago
Thank you sir, now I got it. Yes sir I have rated and will also recommend
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