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Boat and Stream Questions Part 4 (in Hindi)
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Boat and Stream Questions Part 4 This is a complete course on Boat and Stream for all competitive exams, especially for IBPS PO/CLERK and SBI PO/CLERK. The course is designed for all students, from zero to the highest level. Enjoy Maths. "Math Dikhta Hai" All the best.

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Amar Sir
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Unacademy user
part 9 and part 10 were really very imp. you focused on medicine ,education socail schemes, thnk u
Amar Sir
a year ago
No, both are right
Rahul Sharma
a year ago
Rahul Sharma
a year ago
sir jaldi hi Ci-Si ka course bhi lana thankyou
Sir, agar Marker different colour ka use krenge to jyada acha hoga notice krne me
Amar Sir
a year ago
Visibility of other colours are not so good as black. It, I am working on other options also.In next course, you will feel much better.
Pronab Banik
a year ago
Thank you sir. But actually I am talking about the marker colour which you are using during the time of teaching( jab aap samjha rahe ho tab matlab yellow for answer hain to fir jab aap yellow se hi tick krke samjha rahe ho to samajh nehi aa raha ki kaha tick kiya hain aapne). Otherwise all good.🙏🙏
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  4. 10 -3 : 7 (3) 2 2

  5. 11. Q.: A man rows to a place 35 km in distance and back in 10 hours 30 minutes. He found that he could row 5 km with the stream in the same time as he can row 4 km against the stream. Find the rate of flow of the stream. (a) 1 km/h (b) 0.5 km/h (c) 0.75 km/h (d) 1.5 km/h 2 2 35, 35-21 "gK 2 2 2

  6. 12. Q.: A boat goes 6 km/h in still water, but takes thrice as much time in going the same distance against the current. The speed of the current (in km/h) i:s (a) 4 (b)5 (c) 3 (d) 2 2 3

  7. 13. Q.: In a fixed time, a boy swims double the distance along the current that he swims against the current. If the speed of the current is 3 km/h, then the speed of the boy in still water is: (a) 6 km/h (b) 9 km/h (c) 10 km/h (d) 12 km/h Downntream:Upotream Dintance: Speed (x:y): 2

  8. 14. Q.: A man can row 30 km downstream and return in a total of 8 hours. If the speed of the boat in still water is 4 times the speed of the current, then the speed of the current is: (a) 1 km/h (b) 2 km/h (c) 4 km/h (d) 3 km/h Ti me (Dun: up) - 3:s ) 30 Km (4) .

  9. 14. Q.: A man can row 30 km downstream and return in a total of 8 hours. If the speed of the boat in still water is 4 times the speed of the current, then the speed of the current is: (a) 1 km/h (b) 2 km/h (c) 4 km/h (d) 3 km/h JO y: 6 Km/ 10- 6 2 2

  10. 15. Q.: A person can row 7.5 km/h in still water and he finds that it takes him twice as long to row up as to row down the river. The speed of the current is: (a) 2 km/h (b) 3 km/h (c) 2.5 km/h (d) 3.5 km/h 2 Speed (x:v)> u: V (2+1 (2 3:1 2 2= 2.5km/h (C) Aws 75Km/h

  11. 16. Q.: A motor boat covers a certain distance downstream in a river in 3 hours. It covers the same distance upstream in 3 hours and a half. If the speed of water is 1.5 km/h, then the speed of the boat in still water is: (a) 17 km/h (b) 19.5 km/h (c) 17.5 km/h (d) 19 km/h Downniream: Upntream 3Shx 7 6 6 Spudlx:y) il

  12. 17. Q.: A man can row at 5 km/h in still water. If the velocity of current is 1 km/h and it takes him 1 hour to row to a place and come back, then how far is the place? (a) 2.5 km/h (b) 3 km/h(c) 2.4 km/h (d) 3.6 km/h 6 02

  13. 18. Q.: The speed of a boat in still water is 6 km/h and the speed of the stream is 1.5 km/h. A man rows to a place at a distance of 22.5 km and comes back to the starting point. The total time taken by him is: (a) 10 hours (b) 4 hours 10 minutes (c) 6 hours 10 minutes (d) 8 hours Down

  14. 21. Ques: P, Q and R are the three towns on a river which flows uniformly are equidistant from P and R. I row from P to Q and back in 10 hrs and I can row from P to R in 4 hrs. Compare the speed of my boat in still water with that of the river. (a) 5:3 (b) 4: 3 (c) 6:5 (d) 7:3 (e) None of these IOhTA Down UP

  15. (1) Q : Ahoat covers 2u Km upatrom and 36 down- covers 36 Km upstream stream in 6 hours , wh and 24 Km downstream m 6 houm.TheaPadotcumenth. (a) 1 km/h ( ) 2 km/h (C) I S km/h (d) 2 . S Km/h (2) o: A />wimmer /> w imn from a point 'A,against a current cunent for mext s minuts and comen to Ihe point'g' d) O 6 (a) 12 ()9 CC) d) 6 (M) o: The Pad et lhe curr ent in 5 Km/h. A motenhoat goes 10 Km upteam and back again to lhe ntarting point in 5o (a) 20 CA) 26 CC 2S d28

  16. (1) Q . Ahoat coven 2u Krn wpat e9m and 36 krn down. trea m m 6 hows, wh it covers 36 Krn upstream and 24 em down:tream m 6 hown Theapud cument . (1) 3 +24-6 09 % 24 (A)

  17. 2 8: A pwimmen swima from a point 'A'agaimst a cunent cuar ent for me t 5 mmutin and comes to lhe point's (a) oy () 0 C) 1d) 0 6 Smin_ 3 down SC - 60 6 0 0 6

  18. (3) 0 A boat goen 12 km uptream and comr hack toamg point in 3 hours. If Perd INE cunrunt. 3 Km/h, INE (a) 12 C)9C) 3 () 6 UP down 2 4 (ue3) (u+3) (u3)(u+3 2. (a) 12 3X3 (4) gue,Ange - (d) 6 X