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Binomial expansion and related questions (in Hindi)
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Binomial expansion and related questions

Manisha Malhotra
Msc in microbiology with gold medal, qualified GATE and Uttarakhand-set. Admin of the you tube channel Manisha Malhotra tutorials.

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last ans. will be 0.29
  1. Binomial expansion Probability of an unordered combination of events are calculated with the help of binomial expansion. probability of unordered number of events n total number of events x-number of events in one category p-individual probability ofx q-individual probability of second category ! represents factorial P-

  2. Example- if the cross is between two heterozygous purple flowers are taken Calculate the probability that the 4 out of 6 plants will be purple n! Rr 6*5*4*3*2*1 4*3*21 (2*1) Rr 1215 4096 0.29 or 30%

  3. Que- If two parents are heterozygous for a recessive trait, have six children. What is the probability that:- 1. First 4 children will be normal and last 2 Will be diseased 2. 4 children will be normal and 2 will be diseased

  4. First 4 children will be normal and last 2 will be diseased n! p'qn-x R RR Rr P (3 /4)4(1 / 4)2 Rr P81 4096