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Basics and Prerequisites of Probability
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In this lecture basic concepts of permutations, combination and probability are explained in quick & precise way.

Dileep Kumar Verma
• Mechanical Engineer (Gold Medalist) • YouTuber - Online Video Tutorials • Maths, GS & Mechanical Category • Referral Code :- dileep.bbau

Unacademy user
thank u sir😊
Dileep Kumar Verma
4 months ago
in slide 6 of 2nd lecture nPn is stated as n instead of n factorial
Yes are right...that should be n!...please correct it...will remake videos on probability afterwards as in next videos also 2 errors are there... please mind them also....I have mentioned in comment section
Thanks for correcting and active participation...Happy Learning :)
  1. Probability & Statistics (Engineering Mathematics For GATE) Lecture 1 BASICS AND PREREQUISITES OF PROBABILITY -By Dileep Kumar Verma

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  4. Random Experiment & Types Of Events 4 cannat be aolisteol but event nut a00

  5. Permutation 5 /ne 7 2 3

  6. Combination 6 Eaca usfie P can be 1

  7. Imp Relations 12=-5c 3 iS-12 m-1 m-1 -L Seleetion ig not

  8. Circular Arrangements 8 enas un.acEYcula oocole = (n-91 daan edas a, b,cie> a ol

  9. Probability 9 Total Na- o (+)-o P(S) = i

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