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Attitude and Behavior - Basic Concept : Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Faizan Khan
An engineer from IIT Kharagpur with over 4 years of teaching experience in both IIT JEE & UPSC CSE.

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Mam this February month going on 28th not 29th
Tania Alam
2 years ago
You're absolutely right. I didn't notice that earlier. They have this deadline on the website also, they might not also have noticed that perhaps. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out.
I apologize because I get a mistake, I told you it's my dirty habit to tell someone about the mistake I'm sorry for...
Tania Alam
2 years ago
Haha. That's a very good habit. Atleast according to me. You observe things very closely, I must say.
Thanks if you think good...
Thanks if you think good...
sr sabhi topk pr video bany plz
Faizan Khan
a year ago
Will try Kumar :)
  1. Attitude and Behaviour - forward and backward linkage

  2. CAB Model of Attitude

  3. Cognition (belief) Things we hold to be < Human Behaviour true Peripheral (weak) belief belief Core (strong) Situation Emotion Values Attitude Behaviour

  4. Cognition (belief) Behaviour (How we really act) Emotion Attitude Behaviour Situation (Past experience)