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Arithmetic Operation on Fraction (in Hindi)
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Relationship between fractions. Like, Unlike and Equivalent Fractions. Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction of fractions in detail.

Piyush Goyal
I am currently a Btech 1 year student pursuing my degree from IIT Mandi in the field of Computer Science.

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  1. UPTET-2019 14 1 FRACTIONS (Part 2) -Piyush Goyal

  2. Relations Between Fractions There are basically 3 types of fractions: 1) Like 2) Unlike 3) Equivalent

  3. Like Fractions .When denominators are same then the fractions are called like fraction .Only like fractions can be added or subtracted. E.g ec 5

  4. Unlike Fractions . When denominators are not same then the fractions are called unlike fraction Unlike fractions cannot be added or subtracted They first needs to be converted to like fraction for addition or subtraction

  5. Equivalent Fractions . Fractions whose numerators and denominators do not have the exact same numerical value however the fraction has the same value -Eg. 1/2=214. . The reason equivalent fractions exist is that the numerator of one fraction and the denominator of that same fraction share a common factor that, when canceled, cause the fraction to have the same value in both the numerator and denominator as another fraction.

  6. Problem 3 the fal uhich L and lO D) None these S&tim

  7. Reciprocal of fraction .Change the numerator and denominator as denominator and numerator respectively. and L2 3 2

  8. Multiplication of fraction Multipl numenatox by numeratox and deneminator bydenemin 15 3 x 5

  9. Division of fractiorn he selnd number Should be multilied with h wit st lO 2x5-2x5 3 x 1 2

  10. Addition and Subtraction of fraction with same denominator Add os salt umhatos natent O0 hoge e thden dem minatot 5

  11. and 2 = 1 Fist, Sims Chanpe 4x3 1 2 2 2 1 2

  12. Now te gien 1-13 2 2 1 8 13 2 13