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Approach to crack Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
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This lesson covers: Approach to crack Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude.

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Sir, What is trinomial nomenclature? What is it proper definition?
in one page approximately how many words are written?
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Archit Ojha
2 years ago
I got it from their notes section. Hope it helps. :) led-discussion-answers-for-upsc-cse-mains/FSF9WJGK
  1. UPSC CSE 2018 mains Ethics Integrity Aptitude Roman Saini

  2. Home Explore Plus Q Search Courses, Topics&Educators Roman G 0 minutes today 130 credits GS Paper 4 2017 (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude) Detailed Discussion Enroll 2.2 / Answers for UPSC CSE Mains 7 lessons, th 1m unacademy Previo Next > (a) official duties, -3:GS Paper 4 12017) 2 4-5 GS Paper 4 12017) 3 6-7:GS Paper 4 (2017 4, 8-9: GS Paper 4 [2017 9-27 8-34 example 9:21 Answer A conflict of interest involves choosing between competing loyalties which may corrupt our decision-making. Working in publie sector means doing what's best for the people. This may sometimes come in the way of our own selfish interests. :02 5. 10-11: GS Paper 4 12017) 8-13 6 12-13: GS Paper 4 12017) 8-27 Official duty- following orders of superior Publie interest- many slum dwellers will become homeless Personal interest- fear of transfer a.ter oressurelocal politicians 7. 14: GS Paper 4 (2017) 8:03 Stay tuned! Mora iessons w dded soon bn UNACADEMY PLUS Write Mains like a Topper 140+ in Essay & Pen Awesome Answers View Details La date to apply is 11th June 1-3: GS Paper 4 (2017)/ Notes

  3. Analysis of 2017 paper led-discussion-answers-for-upsc-cse-mains/FSF9WJGK

  4. No time issues 130 marks 13 questions 150 13 words - 1950 words 250 words is not 15 marks it is rather 20 marks 20*6 120 marks 6*250 1500 words Total 3450 words

  5. Some time issues GS Paper 1 2017 10 questions-10 marks-150 words = 1500 words 10 questions - 15 marks 250 words 2500 words Total 4000 words

  6. Time issues 2013! GS Paper 1-25 questions-200 words each = 5000 words!

  7. First half is relatively straight forward Focus on theory Lexicon is great It is really in your control It is 90% just like any other paper and there is less subjectivity Emotional Intelligence, CSR etc. are pretty scientific

  8. First half is relatively straight forward Remember the definition of at least 100 terms Transparency Accountability Integrity etc. Basic Psychology Thinkers, Philosophers etc.

  9. Warning Do not write unethical answers at any cost, no matter what! Even if you will cheat in the exam without any guilt, do not write it Here there will be a carry over effect and the examiner may give you less marks in other answers as well

  10. Other Warning Do not become holier than thou You are not Jesus Christ Do not be Raja Harishchandra Show your weakness I will demolish all the slums no matter what"